Frequently Asked Questions About SecureLink Gatekeeper

Q: Who is SecureLink & what is the Gatekeeper software?
A: SecureLink specializes in remote support networks that enable enterprise technology vendors to support customers in secure, regulated environments.

The SecureLink Gatekeeper is a small piece of software used by organizations to enable secure remote support from their technology vendors. You control all the rules of the connection with the Gatekeeper software. A more detailed overview of the Gatekeeper can be found here.

Q: How will SecureLink help my company?
A: For customers in secure and regulated environments, SecureLink improves service levels, increases security and eliminates the hassles of managing network infrastructure to accommodate vendor access.

If your organization is subject to regulations and audits, SecureLink's high-definition audit ensures accountability and compliance.

Q: Who uses SecureLink?
A: SecureLink is used by enterprise technology vendors and more than 15,000 customers in secure, regulated environments. Our top industries include healthcare, financial services, government, legal, gaming, manufacturing and education.

Q: Why is SecureLink better than desktop sharing solutions, like WebEx Support Center or GoToMyPC GoToAssist?
A: Click here for a comparison of SecureLink with desktop sharing.

In short, desktop sharing solutions are great for supporting end user desktops, while SecureLink was designed for enterprise technology support in secure, regulated environments.

SecureLink enables support of end-user desktops or any type of server and has special features for supporting customers in secure, regulated industries, including high-definition audit, access scheduling, e-mail connection notifications and secure credential storage.

Q: How is SecureLink similar to, or better than using our VPN?
A: Click here for a comparison of SecureLink with VPNs.

In short, SecureLink is similar to a VPN in that it enables access to network resources from a remote location. SecureLink also offers additional levels of security, control and audit with less effort and infrastructure.

With a VPN account, it's typical for more than one support technician (sometimes hundreds) to share a single login, making accountability and compliance impossible. A high security environment may attempt to issue individual VPN accounts and key fobs to each individual requiring access, but these overly burdensome policies don't typically last very long when the support technicians must provide a drivers license, social security number, etc. Additionally, unless the vendor provides you with a daily list of the support technicians who have been hired & fired, it's impossible to be certain if an account should still be active. Since SecureLink authenticates the support technician on the vendor side, these issues disappear and you'll know what was done on an individual user level.

SecureLink also offers an easy interface, e-mail connection notifications, variable encryption, credential storage, access scheduling and a high definition audit trail including specific tracking of files transferred, commands entered and video replay of desktop sharing and RDP sessions.

Can your VPN to this?

Q: How does SecureLink work?
A: Your vendor's SecureLink server brokers access between your network and the vendor technician. Your Gatekeeper makes an encrypted, outbound connection to the SecureLink server, so you never need to open inbound access on your firewall. Within the Gatekeeper, you control the rules, including when access is available and exactly what privileges are given to the technicians. SecureLink's high-definition audit trail tracks all activity at the individual user level, including machines and services accessed, files transferred, commands entered and video recording of desktop sharing and RDP sessions.

Q: What operating systems does SecureLink support?
A: Access can be enabled to any TCP-based network service. Gatekeeper runs natively on Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux and other operating systems.

Q: Do I need to download a Gatekeeper on each machine?
A: No. Although your vendor may request multiple Gatekeepers for redundancy or operational reasons, a single Gatekeeper can enable access to any server that has network access to the machine hosting the Gatekeeper.

Q: Does the Gatekeeper require its own machine?
A: No, it's a very lightweight piece of software designed to run on a server running your vendor's application with negligible disk space and impact on performance.

Q: Is SecureLink compliant with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach Bliley, PCI, FIPS, CJIS or other industry specific security standards and regulations?
A: Products themselves can't be compliant with any regulation. It's the proper implementation of a product like SecureLink that achieves compliance. Each of the regulations listed above has unique language, but all of them have the same principles: protect the privacy and security of information with well-defined procedures and a detailed audit trail. SecureLink, properly utilized, fully meets the most stringent interpretation of each of these regulations, and more importantly, the purpose for which they were enacted.

An overview of SecureLink in regards to specific industry regulations can be found here.

Q: Do we pay SecureLink for Gatekeeper?
A: No. SecureLink is paid for by the vendor, who may include it in your annual maintenance fee or charge you separately.

Q: How do I get started?
A: You'll just need to download a SecureLink Gatekeeper from your vendor's SecureLink server and activate it with a registration code. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your vendor's account or service representative.

Q: Can you tell me about SecureLink, the company?
A: SecureLink was founded in February of 2003. We're privately-held, profitable, debt-free, employee-owned and focused solely on providing remote support networks.

Q: Who should I contact with questions?
A: For questions regarding using Gatekeeper with your vendor using SecureLink, please contact your account or service representative at that vendor.

Q: Now can you help me with my other 20 (or 200) vendors?
A: Absolutely. SecureLink also makes an enterprise version of the product that enables you to get the same security, audit and control with all of your vendors, even if they're not using SecureLink. You can find more information about the product here, or contact us with any questions.

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