Since 2003, we have helped more than 31,000 organizations ensure their systems and data are protected through accountable, auditable, and secure access management solutions.

In addition to helping healthcare, government, and other industry-specific organizations secure their critical access points and assets, we joined forces with Maize Analytics and their products — now SecureLink Access Intelligence and SecureLink Privacy Monitor — in 2021 to leverage machine learning, AI, and industry-leading software to further that critical access management solution.

Cyberattacks are increasing. We help our customers thwart those threats and stay safe with efficiency and ease.

We’re a results-driven team who isn’t afraid of a challenge. We spend every day thinking about how to improve upon what we do, so we can better help our customers navigate the evolving challenges of securing their critical assets in a changing cybersecurity landscape.

Over the past two decades, we have become the leading experts in critical access management for highly regulated enterprise organizations, technology vendors, healthcare providers, and more. Organizations of varying industries and needs continue to depend on SecureLink to secure access to their critical systems, data, IT and OT infrastructure, regulated information, and networks. Our value is more than world-class products — it’s our partnerships with every organization we work with. We understand technology, security, industries, and the vast cyber threats our customers face. We’re here to stand beside them and keep them secure.

SecureLink: The Leader in Critical Access Management

Protect your systems and data from cyber threats by securing critical access.

  • Learn about SecureLink’s four critical access management products
  • Protect your systems and data from cyber threats like ransomware and data breaches
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements in your industry
  • Have confidence in your company’s cybersecurity strategy

What is Critical Access Management?

Download this eBook to learn more about what critical access management is, why it’s crucial for your organization to implement critical access management into your security and privacy strategies, and how you can use automation and technology to bring your cybersecurity goals to life.

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