Looking for an alternative to Axeda for secure remote support access?

SecureLink is purpose-built for technology vendors in regulated industries to efficiently connect to their customers while minimizing security risks and liability.

SecureLink enables vendors to:

  • Quickly connect to their customers based on unique rules and access protocols.
  • Immediately be able to begin work in the network with native access to RDP, web servers, databases, and other resources.
  • Eliminate shared log-ins and the security vulnerabilities of legacy remote support technologies.
  • With the click of a button, connect, control, and collaborate with customers at their desktop as needed with no downloads required.
  • Run high definition audit reports specific to each user.
  • Meet the increasing security and regulatory demands of customers.

Request a demo to see how you can make the switch from Axeda to SecureLink for Vendors and continue to ensure secure remote access compliance.

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.

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