With over 236,000 records breached every minute, there is no time to waste in securing your network. The best place to start is where hackers and bad actors do: by looking at the access a vendor or third party has to a network.

When vendor access and management are not regulated and monitored, it can lead to issues on both sides of the coin, including noncompliance, fines, reputational damage, loss of clients, and loss of revenue – or even bankruptcy.

The right vendor management platform should allow both vendors and their clients to:

  • Standardize access management so that everything you need for remote access and support is on a single platform.
  • Eliminate the risks of compromised access and shared credentials with multi-factor authentication and the peace of mind of knowing who is on your network.
  • Access a full audit to ensure that any compliance mandate is met or exceeded.


Data Breaches Due to Third Parties


Average Cost of a Third-Party Data Breach

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It's only a matter of time before you experience a data breach if you have a relationship with a vulnerable or compromised vendor. Breaches related to vendor access are more costly than those that don't involve a vendor. Data breaches can lead to compliance fines, loss of revenue, and shuttering of business. Are you fully protected?
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As a vendor, you service multiple clients in different industries who give you access to their network. If you use the wrong tools for remote support, hackers can gain access and steal customer data. Are you using the right tool for remote support?
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