What are the benefits of the BeyondTrust Password Safe API integration?

SecureLink’s integration with BeyondTrust allows SecureLink customers to use BeyondTrust’s PowerBroker Password Safe API to store credentials and integrate them into services accessed while using SecureLink. BeyondTrust allows the customer to set password policies, gives the ability to auto-generate passwords, and hides all the organizations passwords in one repository.


Key Features

  • Integration leverages BeyondTrust’s native password storage capabilities and policies.
  • BeyondTrust utilizes the existing SecureLink Credential Vault with minimal configuration.
  • SecureLink makes an API call to BeyondTrust in order to retrieve credentials with no additional configuration in the BeyondTrust application.
  • Retrieves necessary remote access credentials from BeyondTrust and connects to the remote server via the SecureLink connection.


Connectivity Workflow

  • User sends a connection request using their SecureLink credentials.
  • Masked credentials are requested from BeyondTrust Password Safe API.
  • Masked credentials are passed to SecureLink and applied without user visibility.

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Talk to your BeyondTrust account manager to verify you are licensed appropriately.

Download the BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe and SecureLink Integration Info Sheet 

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