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This Is Why You Need Effective Audit Trails

November 13, 2017 Do You Use Third-Party Vendors? How Effective is Your Audit Trail? Using a third-party vendor can be a cost-effective solution to fill a skills or services gap in your operation. But how do you know privileged access to your network is not costing you in dollars and data? Increased agility, scalability, and […]

81% of hacking-related breaches leverage compromised credentials

November 1, 2017 The 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report cites that 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords, up from 63% reported in previous years. We often see news headlines of breaches involving compromised credentials that support these findings, so this report doesn’t shed new light on the issue. However, it should […]

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How to Minimize The Growing Threat of Third-Party Breaches

October 17, 2017 A recent study reports that “data breaches caused by third parties are on the rise.” In fact, the Opus Ponemon study saw 56% of respondants experienced a third party breach. That marks a 7% increase from 2016. We continue to see evidence in the numbers and in the news that vendor risks […]

Hyatt Hotels suffers another POS attack

October 13, 2017 It was reported this week that Hyatt Hotels suffered another major data breach, the second in two years.  Attackers targeted the organization’s front desk Point-of-sale systems. When Hyatt’s security team noticed unauthorized access to payment card information, they saw that manually entered or swiped cards were the cause of the breach.  Hyatt’s global […]

Sonic Drive-Ins POS breach compromised 5 million accounts

October 2, 2017 Sonic Drive-Ins is currently investigating a security breach that exposed the credit and debit card accounts of 5 million customers. The event was first disclosed by independent cybersecurity researcher Brian Krebs. He reported that there were a series of fraudulent transactions on cards that had been used at 3,600 Sonic locations. We’ve […]

Viacom’s Exposure Shows How Credential Management Reflects Overall Network Security

September 20, 2017 Credential management is at the core of third-party remote support security. How these “keys to the kingdom” are stored is an excellent measure of the your overall network security. Vendors need to access their enterprise customers’ systems to support their technologies. BUT they do not need to manage or even know that […]

Tour The Spaceship

September 13, 2017 Rising from the hill country on the western edge of Austin, the SecureLink Space Ship was conceived, designed and built for the special astronauts that work here every day. Owning the outcome is a core value at SecureLink. This means taking absolute ownership of any situation and never relinquishing control of our […]

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Granular Access Control: Anthem and Healthcare Lessons

September 7, 2017 Healthcare has faced a number of cybersecurity challenges over the past five years. Symantec highlighted in their 2017 Internet Security Threat Report that healthcare was listed second in the services industry in cyberbreaches, up 22% in 2016 since 2015. In an article by Marianne Kolbasuk McGee on, industry leaders discuss the key […]

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Impact of New NY State Led Financial Cybersecurity Regulations

August 31, 2017 As cybersecurity continues to take center stage in the news, many industries have begun to introduce regulations aimed at prevention.  The New York Department of Financial Services is leading the financial sector in this effort with new comprehensive requirements and clear guidelines for cybersecurity management.  Elad Yoran writes in a SCMagazine article, […]

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A Founder’s Journey

A Founder's Journey: Thanks, Thoughts and One Thing I Never Told Anyone We recently announced the purchase of SecureLink by Vista Equity Partners. We’re excited to accomplish great things together. Playing to win is a core value and we’re eager to earn a championship. Before we take the field, I’d like to offer: Thanks With […]