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Healthcare and Data Breach

A Brand New Day in Third Party Data Breach

Hacking and destruction of electronic information is a concern, but breach most commonly results from unauthorized access or disclosure, as occurred in the Brand New Day breach. Therefore, policies that address third-party access are a key aspect of any data security plan.

HIPAA Third Party Vendor Risk

Third Party Vendors and HIPAA

Considering the risks of HIPAA noncompliance, health care companies generally benefit from hiring third party vendors that specifically handle HIPAA regulatory compliance. To fully protect patients, these vendors should have clear policies that restrict access, remain transparent and auditable, and maintain the most updated data security measures.

Taxes and Cyber Security

Taxes and Cyber Security

Today, most businesses send tax returns electronically. With a few quick clicks of the keyboard, your tax return arrives at the IRS in a matter of seconds. However, a lot can happen during that short time to put your confidential information at risk. Fortunately, a secure network can help ensure safe transmission of the most sensitive documents.

Artificial intelligence and network security

Can AI and Automation Outsmart your Network Security?

Artificial Intelligence is a great tool – except when it isn’t. The good news is that sophisticated AI algorithms can now identify suspicious software, content, and users, which frees up your network personnel to focus on preventative action and novel attacks. The bad news is that the bad guys are using similar technology against your network security.

small business cyber risk

Small Businesses Face Increased Cyber Risk

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing greater risk for data theft. Data theft, ransomware, and other forms of cyber attack are now common forms of criminal enterprise. While large data networks, and research and financial institutions remain prime targets for hacking gangs and nation state actors, more criminal effort is going toward data assets maintained by smaller companies.

hacking by vendors

How Hackable are your Vendors?

Your employees, contingent workers, and vendors are the easiest point of access for hackers. Is your network at risk?

third-party vendors and data breach

Keep Your Third-Party Vendors Close

Whether you work with only a few vendors, hundreds, or thousands, your network is only as safe as the security practices of your weakest partner.

IoT and Internet Security

IoT Threats to Third Party Networks

Outsourcing offers key advantages in costs and subject matter expertise. Yet, the safety of your business data depends on IoT risk management and the security protocols of vendor partners.

military hacked

If The Army Can Be Hacked, So Can Your Network

Notes the head of Defense Digital Service of the U.S. Army, Chris Lynch, “There are people all over the world that are trying to get access to our systems, our data, and our information for malicious purposes.” Just as the military takes proactive steps to reduce network vulnerability — now is a good time to assess your network strengths and weaknesses.