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government federal agencies data breach network security

Who’s on your government network?

This year alone, the 210,835 government records were identified in data breaches. So, how can federal agencies ensure they are protecting sensitive data?

security audit online banking finance financial

Finance: Do security audits keep you up at night?

Tracking and monitoring all network activity within the financial sector is imperative for swift risk identification and management. Learn how to ease your security audit worries and perform detailed audits in seconds, not hours.

cybersecurity cyber-attacks hacked hacker hacking

7 reasons why businesses get hacked

It’s not a matter of if your company will be hacked – but when. Planning and ongoing preparation is the ultimate protection against cyber-attacks. Our guest blogger and cybersecurity expert, Marco Essomba, explores seven reasons companies get hacked.

casino network attack

Is your casino network under attack?

See how to streamline your security methods and ensure your gaming business doesn’t suffer a hacking incident. This article covers recent casino data breaches and reveals how to prevent cybercriminals from accessing sensitive, confidential data on your network.

wannacry global ransomware attack

Global ransomware attack 2017: What happened?

After the global ransomware attack hit the world this weekend, how can enterprises protect against hacks of this nature? Find out how you can gain complete visibility over your entire network by putting a third-party vendor access management solution in place.

legal firms law firms data breaches remote support

5 security questions your law firm should ask

Law firms are appealing targets for cybercriminals. Home to a multitude of sensitive, personal, confidential, financial information, what better place to attack in order to steal some juicy data? There’s certainly a few questions that should be on your security radar, let’s address them in this blog.

hotel hospitality digital technology

Hospitality: Stopping third-party breaches

The more technology advances, the more this creates potential security issues for the hospitality world. Learn ways you can protect your hotel from costly cybercrimes, hacking attacks, and reputational damage.

third party vendor risk data breach

3 steps to manage third-party vendor risk

Just one weak link in your supply chain could lead to a potential security disaster. A third-party data breach could cause your organization financial loss, regulatory issues, and damage to your reputation. Here’s three easy steps you can take to reduce your third-party vendor risks.

Coffee break: Why remote support? (Part 1)

Jeff Swearingen, Co-founder and CEO of SecureLink, talks about developing a SaaS company for remote support – and his visions for the future. This is part one of our three-part coffee break series.