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Viacom’s Exposure Shows How Credential Management Reflects Overall Network Security

September 20, 2017 Credential management is at the core of third-party remote support security. How these “keys to the kingdom” are stored is an excellent measure of the your overall network security. Vendors need to access their enterprise customers’ systems to support their technologies. BUT they do not need to manage or even know that […]

Tour The Spaceship

September 13, 2017 Rising from the hill country on the western edge of Austin, the SecureLink Space Ship was conceived, designed and built for the special astronauts that work here every day. Owning the outcome is a core value at SecureLink. This means taking absolute ownership of any situation and never relinquishing control of our […]

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Granular Access Control: Anthem and Healthcare Lessons

September 7, 2017 Healthcare has faced a number of cybersecurity challenges over the past five years. Symantec highlighted in their 2017 Internet Security Threat Report that healthcare was listed second in the services industry in cyberbreaches, up 22% in 2016 since 2015. In an article by Marianne Kolbasuk McGee on, industry leaders discuss the key […]

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Impact of New NY State Led Financial Cybersecurity Regulations

August 31, 2017 As cybersecurity continues to take center stage in the news, many industries have begun to introduce regulations aimed at prevention.  The New York Department of Financial Services is leading the financial sector in this effort with new comprehensive requirements and clear guidelines for cybersecurity management.  Elad Yoran writes in a SCMagazine article, […]

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A Founder’s Journey

A Founder's Journey: Thanks, Thoughts and One Thing I Never Told Anyone We recently announced the purchase of SecureLink by Vista Equity Partners. We’re excited to accomplish great things together. Playing to win is a core value and we’re eager to earn a championship. Before we take the field, I’d like to offer: Thanks With […]

SecureLink Announces Strategic Investment from Vista Equity Partners

Market Leader Positioned for Growth in the Third-Party Access and Remote Support Market. AUSTIN, TX – (August 16, 2017) – SecureLink Inc., the market leader in third-party access and remote support, today announced that the company has received a strategic investment from Vista Equity Partners (“Vista”) to accelerate its growth in the enterprise remote support […]

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When a third-party vendor loses your data, who pays?

When a third-party vendor loses your data, who pays? In this blog, we review ways savvy enterprises are pushing more and more risk to their vendors while technology vendors should also consider limiting their exposure by updating their obsolete tools and security practices. After all, both sides have a lot to lose.

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Lessons from the Verizon Breach

Last week’s Verizon breach made headlines across the world. What can you learn to make your own business more secure? In this blog we take a look at what went wrong, whether it’s likely to happen to other companies, and how businesses should approach best practices to keep their data safe.

Biometric Security

You Can’t Reset Your Fingerprint: Are Biometrics Really More Secure?

CEOs love it. End users trust it. But is biometric access control as secure as most people think? SecureLink takes a look at whether fingerprints, retinal scans, and iris scans are the silver bullet that will halt hackers at the gate and what businesses need to know before they invest.

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5 reasons single-password authentication should be banned

With the rapidly growing number of sophisticated cyber-attacks, such as phishing and ransomware, single-factor authentication has had its day. One way to fight back against the rise in cyber-attacks is by using strong multi-factor authentication.