Five Healthcare Cybersecurity Blogs Every CIO Should Follow

February 17, 2015//Tori Taylor

Last Updated: January 26, 2022

Healthcare security is a growing concern as the industry comes under attack

Healthcare security demands a combination of self-awareness and industry-awareness from its managers. Unfortunately, the latter, while extremely important, often requires more time than executives have or are willing to spend. Since finding the best resources typically takes the most time, we’ve compiled a short list.

Here are 5 healthcare cybersecurity blogs every CIO should follow to stay up-to-date:


SecureLink | Krebs on Healthcare Security blog

Anyone doing their homework to understand new security threats – in any industry – knows Brian Krebs. A former Washington Post security reporter, Krebs brings an investigative style to every article.

Don’t expect a full offering of healthcare related news, but for the big stories that impact the whole sector, Krebs is a must-read. You can always rely on a fact-driven update from the author – no fluff or filler. More importantly, he inserts his own security expertise. Here is Brian’s coverage of the Anthem breach

Why it made the list:

As significant healthcare security events unfold, he makes sure the reader understands the details and directs the conversation toward solutions. Going further than just breaking news stories, KrebsonSecurity prompts readers to ask their own security teams the right questions.


SecureLink | Dark Reading Healthcare Security blog

InformationWeek’s Dark Reading

All things cybersecurity, Dark Reading presents news across every industry and around the world. InformationWeek’s Healthcare is also a good place to catch up on healthcare tech news, but isn’t healthcare security driven.

With a collection of security and industry experts writing daily, the blog covers a wide range of perspectives. This diverse voice presents readers with the full picture of all the influential factors shaping cybersecurity – from politics to data breaches to impactful executive hires.

“The recent ground-breaking breach at Anthem helps to illuminate the cybersecurity challenge that the health care industry has faced for years,” said Tim Wilson, co-founder and editor-in-chief at Dark Reading. “The complexity of the health care supply chain – with information traveling daily between hospitals, insurance companies, and health care providers of all sizes and types – creates a great deal of risk. Yet most of the players do not have the skills and resources they need to fight the cybersecurity battle. With defenses relatively weak and the rewards relatively high, it’s likely that cyber criminals will continue to target the health care industry with future exploits.”

Why it made the list:

Dark Reading starts and facilitates debates; it has a very active comment community and the “Current Conversation” section truly incorporates the reader. Quality reporting mixed with strong opinions – make this a daily stop.


SecureLink | Healthcare Security blog

Health IT Security

If you’re looking for a healthy combination of breaking news, security technology reviews and the latest on compliance regulations, this is the place.

Elizabeth (or Lizzy) Snell is the lead editor and pens a majority of the site’s articles. The blog is surprising prolific and detailed for a (mostly) single-authored publication. HealthItSecurity provides how-tos and tips alongside in-depth data breach coverage.

Snell says, “A consistent phrase that I hear from healthcare IT experts is that ‘It’s not if a data breach will occur, but when.’ Regardless of organizations’ size, they need to ensure that their administrative, physical, and technical safeguards are current.” She continues, “The healthcare cybersecurity threats are not going to disappear anytime soon. Now more than ever, health data security and privacy experts need to share best practices so everyone in the industry knows what they are up against.”

Why it made the list:

Any industry blog worth its salt informs and educates readers at the same time. Make sure to bookmark this one and you won’t miss a healthcare security beat.


SecureLink | Healthcare Security blog

Healthcare Info Security

An excellent insider resource across the board, Healthcare Info Security delivers news and industry insights through its mixed-media offering.

This blog brings together a variety of healthcare security authors but puts special emphasis on bringing industry thought leaders to the forefront. Showing off their active social community and adding a splash of job listings, this blog is a destination for all healthcare security influencers.

Why it made the list:

With thoughtful audio interviews, white papers and webinars, Healthcare Info Security is a great way to hear your peers’ take on important current events.


SecureLink | Healthcare Security blog

Healthcare IT News

The online edition offers executives a valuable tool to learn about new technologies and how they impact healthcare security.

For healthcare facilities and their vendors, this resource is focused on strategies to strengthen patient care. Majority of the articles are anchored with quotes from industry leaders – this adds a credible perspective and valuable real-time insights for readers.

Why it made the list:

The contributing writers ask the right questions of healthcare insiders and cover stories to get the answers security team leaders are looking for.


And as always, continue to visit SecureLink’s blog for a collection of breaking news, expert opinions and strategies to secure your network.

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