Coffee Break: Why a SecureLink Office in Costa Rica? (Part 2)

June 02, 2017//Ellen Neveux

Last Updated: October 25, 2021

In the first part of our coffee break series with Jeff Swearingen, Co-founder, and CEO of SecureLink, I asked ‘Why remote support?’ In the second of our three-part series, Jeff discusses why the remote access software company, with headquarters in Austin, Texas, also has an office in Costa Rica…


What made you first consider having a SecureLink office in Costa Rica?

My family discovered Costa Rica several years ago on vacation. We learned that it was a beautiful country with smart, genuine people that you could count on.


What made you decide on Costa Rica for a SecureLink office?

Talent. When most people think of Costa Rica, they think of beaches, volcanos, monkeys, zip-lining and other tourist activities. What I learned about the country is their great focus on education and the tremendous technology talent pool in the capital city of San Jose. Unfortunately, San Jose is not a beach (it’s about an hour to the coast) but the majority of tech workers are in this area.

The company believes we’ve been successfully attracting the very best talent in the country because of the importance we place on operations. I’m always very clear with everyone that we didn’t place customer service off-shore to save money, and we’re not running temporary projects or outsourcing there.

Costa Ricans have a great sense of pride. I believe the best talent values their contribution to the company and the close relationships we have with them. We also share a common culture and time zone, but don’t overlap on a lot of holidays. For example, since Costa Rica doesn’t celebrate the 4th of July holiday, they are open for business. Likewise, we’ve got the base covered on July 25 when they are off for Guanacaste Day.


Can you tell me more about the SecureLink office building and area in Costa Rica?

Yes, I’m extremely proud of our location in the Sabana Sur area of San Jose. We are on the top floor of a building on the south side of Costa Rica’s version of New York’s Central Park. We are in a neat area very close to the national soccer stadium in a very cool office. Just like in Austin, we prepare breakfast and lunch for our employees every day.


How do you feel about the ‘Pura Vida’ (pure life) philosophy in relation to operating a business? (i.e. laid-back attitude, poor roads/transportation, mail issues, power outages, etc.)

Ha. I’d answer this differently if I were describing Costa Rica for a vacation versus a business. For those that ask about a vacation, I ask them to imagine Hawaii 50 years ago. It’s beautiful and unspoiled, but don’t be surprised if the power goes out in your beach rental or if you get stuck in a traffic jam because of cows.

For vacationers, ‘Pura Vida’ is a fun saying that is very compatible with the local environment. For business, I’d answer this very differently. Our operation in Costa Rica is in a high-rise with all the amenities you’d expect in the US. We are equally laid-back and focused on execution in both locations.


Check in next month for the final part in the series: ‘Why software subscription vs. license?’

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