Congratulations, Chip! SecureLink CFO Awarded “Top CFO” Honors by ABJ

SecureLink’s own Chip Pate has been recognized for his hard work and talent by Austin Business Journal, who was just named the 2021 Best CFO in the medium private company category

Going on its 13th year, the 2021 edition of the Best CFO Awards recognized the exceptional work of Austin’s chief financial officers throughout the pandemic. Pate was one of five winners selected by a panel of past Best CFO honorees.

“Chip has played an instrumental role in SecureLink’s business success over the past two years, steering our finances while leading a massive customer onboarding process,” said SecureLink CEO Patrick Tickle. “In spite of the pandemic, under Chip’s strategic vision we have grown rapidly, and with his operational leadership we anticipate this success to continue as SecureLink enters its next phase of growth.”

Pate has steered the SecureLink ship since 2017, and in that time has helped SecureLink grow in terms of customers, revenue (which has tripled since 2017), and the recent acquisition of data governance company, Maize Analytics. Pate has also guided SecureLink towards a now continuous rapid-growth trajectory by overseeing the sale of the company to Cove Hill Partners. 

Pate stated that his background in engineering and systems approach has allowed him to find success and continued growth with SecureLink. “The mindset helps me notice the ripple effects an investment will have on the rest of the organization, allowing us to better prepare for those secondary impacts,” said Pate.  

While 2020 tested all businesses, this award highlights Pate’s leadership through struggle and ability to think long term to help SecureLink become a standout Austin company in 2021, and, hopefully, for many years to come. For more updates on SecureLink’s growth and footprint in the cybersecurity space, visit the Company News section.