Data protection is a two-way street

June 25, 2018//Tori Taylor

Last Updated: July 29, 2022

In this day and age, consumers are, more than ever, skeptical about enterprises keeping their data protected from unauthorized individuals. We have seen numerous occasions where both consumers and enterprises have suffered greatly because of a third-party vendor weakness. In other words, when an enterprise does not fully regulate a third-party’s remote access, it essentially creates an opportunity for unauthorized individuals to cause mayhem.

With the number of breaches and cyberattacks, protecting data and other sensitive information from bad actors is at the top of the priority list for many enterprises. However, it is time to move past the idea that protecting data from bad actors is just the job of the enterprise, or only on the consumer. Protecting data is a two-way street, and it should be treated as such.

What enterprises can do

Those in highly regulated industries rely on third-parties to keep mission-critical applications running. Frequently, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of vendors that need to be connected for any number of reasons from website design to HVAC. In order for each and every one of these software vendors to do their job properly, they need access to an enterprise’s network; a need that is risky if not done with the right precautions.

Without the right secure remote access software for an enterprise, this seems to be easier said than done. An enterprise must: authenticate, provision, and audit a rotating population of third-parties. If all these aspects are met, it can lead to shared logins, security vulnerabilities, a lack of vendor accountability, and even a dreaded cyberattack. SecureLink is the only purpose-built secure remote access platform to help you ensure third-party accountability and industry compliance. Enterprises that enlist the help of the SecureLink platform get:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Least privilege permissions
  • Real-time access notifications
  • Variable access options
  • Control vendors’ access

SecureLink’s platform ensures a layered defense to give enterprises and their consumers peace-of-mind when it comes to unauthorized individuals gaining access to sensitive or proprietary information and data.

What consumers can do

For consumers, it might feel like all the sensitive data that you have to protect is already out in the open for everyone to use. It doesn’t help when Facebook had its various privacy issues and the rollout of the GDPR. In other words, consumers can’t escape data privacy even if they wanted to since it’s making headlines which keeps the topic at the top-of-mind for many.

It’s been well documented that consumers don’t have the best password habits. This is one of the ways to create a layered defense, which will be added to an enterprises use of the SecureLink platform. Enterprise organizations should ask the same from their vendors and customers when it comes to creating a password. It should be unique when compared to other passwords, contain more than just letters (e.g. special characters and numbers), and should be changed every few months. Consumers have expectations in which enterprises will keep their data safe while creating passwords that are too simple (e.g. a pet’s name or using the word password).

When consumers and enterprises work together to protect sensitive information, it creates a layered and necessary defense that will keep protected information out of sight from bad actors.

About SecureLink
Our sole focus is secure third-party remote access. For highly regulated enterprise organizations, SecureLink Enterprise Access has pioneered a secure remote access platform. SecureLink for enterprise allows an organization to identify, control, and audit third-party vendors. For vendors, SecureLink is the gold standard remote access support platform because it is easy, efficient, and ensures compliance and reduces liability when supporting customers.

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