Defense is Critical, but 2017 Should be About Offense

January 02, 2017//Ellen Neveux

Last Updated: November 18, 2020

For many, a new year brings the hope of new habits and a start fresh. However, sometimes with the good we can’t shake old trends that seem to keep their momentum. 2016 is being called “the Year of the Breach,” but with attacks on the rise, it’s clear that maybe the title pass from year to year.

Over the holiday, we saw several breaches across a number of industries – IHG in hospitality, and Health and Human Services in healthcare. The company statements had the same familiar tone as the many we’ve seen before – “We’re aware of the problem and we’re investigating the cause.” Few details, and limited recourse for those affected.

An offensive strategy optimizes operations
The good news is that companies are getting smarter. With each new intrusion, security professionals move to align their defenses. In 2017, data protectors should look back and examine the breach methods that surfaced time and time again. Defense is important, but offense shouldn’t be overlooked. A holistic review that includes how you operate should accompany protective policies.

We spend a lot of time on this blog discussing risks associated with third-party remote support. We’ve specialized in this space longer than anyone and built products that cater specifically to this dynamic. This is important to know, not to sell you our product, but to understand how vulnerable the enterprise-product support relationship can be.

This year we will bring you both current events that impact enterprise security – with a focus on third-party risks – as well as implementable best practices that we offer our customers and bake into our products.

We hope you’ll continue to follow us on this blog. In addition, you can find us this February at the RSA conference in San Francisco and the HIMSS conference in Orlando.

About SecureLink

Our sole focus is secure third-party remote access. For highly regulated enterprise organizations, SecureLink Enterprise has pioneered a secure remote access platform. SecureLink for enterprise allows an organization to identify, control, and audit third-party vendors. For vendors, SecureLink is the gold standard remote access support platform because it is easy, efficient, and ensures compliance and reduces liability when supporting customers.

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