Ensure HIPAA Compliance with SecureLink

January 15, 2020//Rob Palermo

Last Updated: July 29, 2022

Today, we announced our SecureLink for Healthcare product that provides hospitals and healthcare organizations a centralized solution for managing privileged access for their third-party vendors. What’s great about this product is that it’s been tailored to meet the exact needs of organizations operating under HIPAA and HITECH regulations, while also giving network administrators the ability to limit access to specific systems and applications.

SecureLink’s platform also provides full video audit and keystroke logging of every session. As part of the offering, we also released an interactive dashboard that monitors key system settings and alerts administrators of any changes that could impact their compliance or security stance.


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HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Are your operations compliant with regulatory requirements? Download our HIPAA overview and use the interactive checklist to determine if your current network setup is in compliance with industry guidelines.


Health systems, regional and local hospitals, and clinics are all under enormous pressure to secure their IT networks and provide detailed reports to meet stringent compliance requirements. Along with that, ransomware and other cyberattacks have continued to escalate in the healthcare industry, which led us to create this unique offering for organizations that currently use ad hoc or less secure methods for remote third-party access.

At SecureLink, we’ve taken our 17 years of experience working with healthcare systems and created a platform and implementation process that meets the specific needs of healthcare organizations and protects them against the growing threats.


“We’ve seen an increase in the need to provide information and visibility from a legal and compliance perspective. Now, with SecureLink, we have insight into when vendors are connecting, what they were connecting into, and why they are connecting,”

Kelly Pischke, information security analyst for Avera Health.


The features within the SecureLink for Healthcare platform provide visibility into business and clinical applications, like hospitals’ EHR systems, and enhanced audit trails to meet HIPAA, PCI, and any other internal and external security requirements.

Customized implementation services are also provided at no additional cost including:

      • Workflow consulting designed to provide all HIPAA-required documentation on vendor remote access workflows
      • Specialized SecureLink University online training, including courses on HIPAA and PCI configuration


To learn more about our healthcare-specific product, check out our SecureLink for Healthcare brochure to understand the benefits of upgrading from outdated or unsophisticated solutions to a solution specifically for vendor privileged access management.

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