Improve Security and the User Experience with Passwordless Authentication

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been frustrated trying to log into a system where you’ve forgotten your password. You’ve spent more time than you wanted trying various password versions and then finally give up and go through the process of resetting it.

We’ve all been there.

Imagine how much better it would be to eliminate that process altogether: no more having to remember passwords, spending time resetting them, or reusing simple, easy-to-remember yet easy-to-crack passwords across sites. For the IT help desk, imagine no longer dealing with requests to reset forgotten passwords and improving security at the same time.

Enter, passwordless authentication.

What is passwordless authentication?

Passwordless authentication is an authentication method that verifies a user’s identity and allows them to login to a system without having to enter a password. Instead, the user provides some other form of evidence to their identity, such as a fingerprint via their computer or a hardware token code, to log in to a given application.

One way to enable this authentication method is with WebAuthn; WebAuthn is a browser-based API that allows web applications to simplify and secure user authentication by using registered devices (phones, laptops, etc.) as factors (device-based authentication).

Why passwordless authentication?

Passwordless authentication has two primary benefits. One, it improves the end-user’s experience by eliminating the common access issues tied to passwords that we highlighted at the beginning. Two, it improves security by removing the password altogether and the risks that it entails.

For the end user, not having to remember and type out a password to get access to an application is easy and hassle free. It eliminates one additional item to remember and makes getting access efficient and easy – it just works! For the support or help desk, they spend less time resetting passwords for users; they are then able to spend more time on other projects or work, which translates through to cost savings for that team.

Improved security is another big benefit. The threat of compromise and theft always exists where there’s a password needed for access. Credential theft attacks are the most frequent and common type of attacks organizations experience, with the use of stolen credentials accounting for nearly half the breaches studied by Verizon in their 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report. With the average cost of a data breach well above $4 million, reducing the risk of this occurring via compromised credentials is a no brainer. Passwordless authentication removes that risk of a credential being compromised in a phishing attack, as well as the risks tied to insecure password behaviors such as simple or reused passwords. With fewer passwords, there’s reduced risk and improved overall security for the organization.

Passwordless Authentication Comes to SecureLink

We’re excited to bring passwordless authentication and its benefits to the SecureLink Enterprise Access and Customer Connect products. With this most recent release, users will be able to enable passwordless authentication for their account, and instead authenticate with a compatible device, such as a phone, computer or hardware device. Experience the benefits of an easy and streamlined process to log in to SecureLink, with the security improvements of replacing password-based access to the SecureLink application.

Contact us for a demo to see it in action today!