Maize Analytics Operations Director Published Part II of Thesis: Security and Privacy of the Integrated Clinical Environment

SecureLink Operations Director, Jason Williams, MSIT, JD, LLM, CIPP/US, recently published the second article of his three-part thesis series: Security and Privacy of the Integrated Clinical Environment in the Journal of Health Care Finance.

Following Part I of his thesis series, which was a discussion of interoperability and the integrated clinical environment (ICE), Part II reviews the concept of privacy engineering and the various frameworks and methodologies from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Read the full thesis to get an overview of privacy engineering, and how the NIST tools can be utilized to manage privacy and security in an interoperable, ICE throughout an enterprise. Stay tuned for Part III to see how to integrate these frameworks and methodologies into an enterprise architecture to ensure an organization deploying an interoperable ICE is compliant with their obligation to protect the privacy and security of a patient’s health information.1

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1. Security and Privacy of The Integrated Clinical Environment Part II at 16

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