Managing Third-Party Risk— Security Weekly’s Interview with Tony Howlett

August 30, 2019//Tori Taylor

Last Updated: July 29, 2022

A tremendous shout-out to Security Weekly’s Matt Alderman, Paul Asadoorian, and Jason Albuquerque for hosting our own Tony Howlett, CISO for SecureLink, as a guest this week to discuss third-party risk.

In addition to the unique and entertaining interview style (complete with cigar smoke and professional banter), there was a serious and informative discussion around security threats caused by privileged user access and the unique risks that vendors present.

Security | Tony Howlett
Tony Howlett, CISO at SecureLink

A description of the talk

IT and data breaches are going up every year and a large portion of them involve vendors or other third parties with access to enterprise networks and systems. Mr. Howlett will review the current state, examine a couple of high profile vendor-related breaches for lessons learned and talk about best practices to limit third party risk.

The video interview is available here.

It was a super session and we appreciate shining a spotlight on critical security issues!

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