SecureLink Joins Imprivata

The deal is done, and SecureLink and Imprivata have officially joined forces.

As SecureLink has grown and expanded both our capabilities and the industries we serve, it makes sense to now join a company like Imprivata that not only utilizes industry-leading software, but deeply understands the broader digital identity space.

If there is one shared piece of DNA among both companies, it’s our passion for our customers. We believe in building customers for life, and in putting their needs first, always. Whether that’s helping them efficiently and effectively manage digital identities in the complex setting of a healthcare organization or keeping them secure from mounting third-party threats.

With Imprivata’s broad platform of digital identity solutions and our expertise on third-party access management (as well as our other award winning platforms like Best In KLAS’ Privacy Monitor), we have no doubt that together, we’re building a foundation that will unlock new digital identity and access management capabilities and bring value to our customers.

“I truly believe this is a win-win,” SecureLink CEO Patrick Tickle stated. “We laid out a path for critical access management that we can now accelerate in ways we simply could not on our own. That vision seamlessly fits into a broader, more comprehensive vision of digital identity.”

While change is never easy, we can assure our customers, prospects, and anyone reading our blog that the number one word used since this deal was announced is “excitement.” If you know SecureLink, you know we’re always working to improve and innovate, and this is a step forward in that direction. Together with Imprivata we will deliver a comprehensive, unified platform of solutions that will meet every customer need — from access management to user monitoring to third-party security. Our mission since day one has been to help organizations secure their most critical access points and assets. We’re incredibly proud to be a leader in the industry, and we’re certain this partnership with Imprivata will cement that status.

We encourage everyone to learn more about Imprivata and to sign up for our joint webinar that will take place April 21st.