SecureLink’s New Chapter looks a little different today. There are new phrases, the iconic blue and orange is a few shades darker, and our logo is more modern. That’s because today marks a new chapter in SecureLink’s continuous journey to offer industry-leading cybersecurity and privacy solutions

We’ve spent the past six months virtually brainstorming, physically drawing on whiteboards, and typing our inspiration, ideas, and language back and forth through endless emails and spreadsheets. Our development teams have worked tirelessly to create a new product set that includes industry-leading data privacy, access governance, and machine learning tools that make our products even better. 

Our team is hard-working and results-driven, so when we were tasked with thinking about the SecureLink of tomorrow, we greeted the challenge as an exciting opportunity. What you see when you browse the site is a SecureLink that knows who it is, that is ready to help enterprises secure their most crucial assets and access points, and that will continue to offer industry-leading technology as well as efficient, seamless products that protect organizations in a shifting cybersecurity landscape.


SecureLink And Critical Access Management

Critical Access Management is our ethos and our north star. It’s what we do, and our strong portfolio of cutting-edge products is how we do it. Despite solution after solution being developed across the industry, SecureLink is still seeing major gaps in the cybersecurity landscape, including security for increasingly complex supply chains, high-volume, high-urgency systems, escalating customer demands, and overly generous network trust models. As a result, we’re still seeing the headlines of the hacks and the costly consequences. 

We believe securing critical access points and assets is how organizations can stay safe, and with internationally-trusted products, machine learning and AI opportunities, and the same ingenuity that founded this company, we’re coming to the rescue. 

Our products, newly named as Enterprise Access, Customer Connect, Access Intelligence and Privacy Monitor, all contribute to the three pillars of Critical Access Management — Access Governance, Access Control, and Access Monitoring. Whether your organization needs to secure third-party access, monitor millions of accesses, or audit and control user access rights, our solutions are easy, efficient, and effective.

As we thought about what we do, how we serve our customers, and what we want our future to look like, we kept coming back to the same idea: Securing access points and assets is no longer optional — it’s critical.


New Colors, New Logo, Same SecureLink

The blue is more royal, the orange is darker, and the logo is stripped down to be clear, essential, and confident. That’s what we are as a company — confident. We know the quality services we offer, we know how we can help organizations exceed their cybersecurity needs, and we want every part of our company, down to the width of the “link” in our logo, to reflect that. We’re no longer a scrappy start-up, and we’re no longer exploring where our product can serve the industry. We’re calm, collected, and ready to utilize our expertise to compete as one of the best in the business. We’re here to be thought leaders, trusted enterprise partners, and offer up world-class solutions. We hope these colors and logos stay on our page for years to come, and we hope our customers — present and future — see the blue and orange and feel as secure as we do in our products and offerings.


Our Goals

Our logo may have changed, but our goal — to help organizations secure their most critical access points and assets — is the same as it was on day one. We’re incredibly proud to be a leader in the industry, and are happy to highlight the fact that over 35,000 organizations have trusted us with their third-party access management alone. Add to that our customers who include leaders in healthcare across the country, our merger with Maize Analytics that’s fueling machine learning and AI-powered access monitoring, and our success in helping customers regain control of critical access — it’s a lot to be excited about. Our future is only onwards and upwards, and we hope you join us on this journey toward critical access management.