Use the three “A’s” of secure remote access to protect your network

If you are an enterprise that manages sensitive data, there is a good chance your organization will be targeted by hackers. The number of data breaches doubled between 2012 and 2017, and show no signs of slowing.

Many of these breaches involved a third-party and an unsecured remote access connection. Ask yourself, are your best practices enough to protect your network?

Enterprises in highly regulated industries must pay close attention to how they manage vendor access. Third-party remote access is a vulnerable attack surface and network managers should take action to ensure their third-party remote access is an asset rather than a potential liability.

Successful third-party remote access depends on what we call the “three A’s” of secure remote access.


Each third-party technician must be effectively authenticated before they’re granted access to your network. Insist on a unique credential tied to a business email address and multi-factor authentication. When paired with unique credentials, multi-factor authentication has the added benefit of eliminating shared logins, ensuring that only authorized personnel gain system access.

Access control:

Appropriate access is paramount for enterprise network security. Technology vendors should be provided “least-privileged access.” This means application access should be restricted to only what they need to perform authorized tasks — and nothing else. Ensure your access control solution allows you to set granular access, schedule access time, and monitor third-party logins.


To ensure security and compliance with most industry regulations, comprehensive auditing, and monitoring capabilities are indispensable. When granting vendors remote access, network managers should be able to see all vendor activity down to an individual’s keystrokes. Where supported, a high-definition strategy should be employed to capture screen recordings of remote desktop sessions. This level of accountability ensures compliance and reduces liability for both parties.

The best defense to a data breach is a good offense. Make sure your company and vendor partners are protected in the event of a cyber attack: use a secure remote access platform and utilize best practices.

Get the right secure remote access software

Our sole focus is secure third-party remote access. For highly regulated enterprise organizations, SecureLink Enterprise has pioneered a secure remote access platform. SecureLink for enterprise allows an organization to identify, control, and audit third-party vendors. For vendors, SecureLink is the gold standard remote access support platform because it is easy, efficient, and ensures compliance and reduces liability when supporting customers.