Hackers Attack USPS, Over 3M People Impacted

November 10, 2014//Ellen Neveux

Last Updated: February 25, 2021

The US Postal Service announced this morning that their computer systems were breached. The intrusion was reportedly discovered mid-September and the USPS is now releasing information on the scale of the attack.

Hackers stole personal information from 800,000 employees and retirees, including social security numbers. USPS released a statement with limited details: “The Postal Service has recently learned of a cybersecurity intrusion into some of our information systems. We began investigating this incident as soon as we learned of it, and we are cooperating with the investigation, which is ongoing. The investigation is being led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and joined by other federal and postal investigatory agencies. The intrusion is limited in scope and all operations of the Postal Service are functioning normally.”

The data captured by the hackers contained personal information stored in the Postal Services payroll systems, including addresses, birth dates, social security numbers and employment codes.

2.9 million USPS customers were impacted as well in the breach – exposing names, phone numbers, addresses and emails.

The FBI will not comment on who they believe is behind the attack. They released this statement Monday morning: “The FBI is working with the United States Postal Service to determine the nature and scope of this incident. Impacted individuals should take steps to monitor and safeguard their personally identifiable information, and report any suspected instances of identity theft to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov.”

USPS spokesman David Partenheimer told the Washington Post, “The intrusion was carried out by a sophisticated actor that appears not to be interested in identity theft or credit card fraud,” The Postmaster General, Patrick Donahoe, also commented, “It is an unfortunate fact of life these days that every organization connected to the Internet is a constant target for cyber intrusion activity. The United States Postal Service is no different. Fortunately, we have seen no evidence of malicious use of the compromised data and we are taking steps to help our employees protect against any potential misuse of their data.”

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