Why MSPs are Turning to SecureLink to Complement Their RMM Solutions

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software provides managed service providers (MSPs) with much-needed visibility and control of their clients’ IT environments.

Many in the MSP market are turning to SecureLink products to complement their offerings by lowering liability, increasing efficiency of remote connections, and exceeding client’s security, audit, and compliance needs.

In the age of expansive privacy laws, recent legislation, and the Executive Order, many organizations are being held responsible for the security of their contracted third parties, vendors, and supply chain. Because of this, organizations are incrementally holding managed service providers to higher cybersecurity and SLA standards.

MSPs can expect customers to begin asking more detailed questions about documentation in their security posture in the prospecting phase and throughout the customer lifecycle. Having the best-in-breed remote access solution can become the differentiator and the selling point for forward-thinking MSPs.


Why MSPs Trust SecureLink as Their RMM Solution

Since 2003, SecureLink has focused on highly regulated and security-minded industries. Six out of the top ten healthcare managed service providers regulated under HIPAA and HITECH laws have been partnering with SecureLink for over ten years. Government, gaming, finance, legal, and critical infrastructure organizations come to us on a regular basis to solve their third-party remote access threat vectors. The primary drivers to find a third-party security solution are stringent levels of SLAs, high standards of security, and a need for visibility and audits of third-party activity.

Part of the reason we have such high customer satisfaction is that our Partners treat our relationship as an investment. For our healthcare service providers, standardization not only proactively addresses the customer’s needs, but also creates efficiency and substantial cost reduction. By standardizing their remote access, Allscripts was ​​able to increase efficiency and drop the cost of connectivity by 87%. 



Why MSPs Consider SecureLink to be a Superior RMM Solution

As a pure play “third-party remote access” solution that co-exists with current remote monitoring and management solutions, our managed service providers like to think of our product as “enterprise-grade” remote access, as opposed to the “standard” level of remote access that RMMs provide. Some of the features that distinguish SecureLink from standard RMM solutions are:​​

  • Individual identity management specific to the MSP 
  • Current employment verification of the individual at the MSP
  • Self registration for MSP access
  • Contextual reason for access
  • End-user control over access approval
  • End-user control over Zero Trust Network Access and least privileged access
  • End-user control over time-based access
  • End-user immediate access to audit via HD video session and keystroke logging

As an MSP, your customers trust you to adequately protect their data and systems that you access while performing your service. With SecureLink, you can have peace of mind that both your company and your clients will be protected during your remote access sessions.


If you’re interested in becoming an MSP Partner, visit the SecureLink Partner page or contact partners@securelink.com to find out more information about our Partner program and benefits.