InterSystems securely supports critical applications

InterSystems is a global software leader with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and offices in 25 countries. InterSystems’ products are at the heart of mission-critical applications in healthcare, government, and financial services. In selected countries, InterSystems also offers unified healthcare applications, based on its core technologies that deliver on the promise of connected healthcare.


InterSystems develops advanced software technologies that enable breakthroughs. With a passion for excellence and a focus on client success, InterSystems provides data management, strategic interoperability, and analytics platforms used in healthcare, financial services, government, and other industries.

The Challenge

Supporting mission-critical applications for a global customer base is serious business. A system issue may not only cost millions of dollars, but it may also impact factors more important than money, such as patient care. John Paladino, InterSystems’ Vice President of Client Services, remarked “When there’s an issue with one of our clients, there’s no time to lose. Support must be crisp, expert, and immediate.”

Ensuring technicians are able to support customers efficiently is imperative. InterSystems needed a solution that would improve time to resolution, reduce costs, and limit security liabilities.

The Solution

InterSystems with SecureLink Results

The SecureLink remote support module enables InterSystems’ technicians to make on-demand, native connections to its applications and databases. Leveraging a platform built for the job and more than 10 years of experience, SecureLink helps InterSystems to streamline support operations, deliver outstanding service and accommodate their customers’ need for security and compliance. In addition to the primary remote support module, InterSystems’ technicians use the SecureLink Quick Connect module to support end-users at the desktop.

The Partnership

Working side-by-side for nearly 10 years, InterSystems and SecureLink have developed a deep partnership, rooted in a mutual passion for great customer support. Paladino said, “In 29 years with the company, I’ve come to appreciate a partnership like the one we have with SecureLink. We’ve worked with some companies that have great products, but terrible service. SecureLink has earned our trust with both the quality of the product and passion for customer support that rivals our own.”

SecureLink Features

Two-Factor Authentication— Unique verification method that requires two factors of authentication to be verified before access is granted for each connection.

Strict Access Control— Restrict access to specific hosts and ports and keep your credentials private – Enable access manually or on a specific schedule you set.

Individual Account Verification— No shared logins – Each support rep has a unique login and password that are locally stored for additional security.

High Definition Audit— Capture detailed support session activity at the individual user level, including files transferred, commands entered, RDP and desktop sharing recording.

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