Oldcastle Centralizes Remote Access

Oldcastle Infrastructure, Inc. manufactures utility products and construction accessories for several industries including energy, transportation, telecommunications, construction, and water. One of the largest manufacturing companies in North America, Oldcastle is supported by the Irish global enterprise CRH, which manufactures and distributes building materials and products for all sizes of construction projects worldwide.

While Oldcastle’s focus is on the manufacturing industry, they have needs similar to any company that deals with IT services and remote, often temporary, users that necessitate the need for secure remote access.


To better support vendor privileged access management, Oldcastle needed to improve security and solve various vendor access pain points that were the consequence of using traditional VPN solutions.

SecureLink’s vendor privileged access management platform’s auditing capabilities, such as logging and recording all vendor connections and activity, were features Oldcastle Infrastructure needed in order to increase their security for external vendors and third parties that access servers and applications.

“We’re not very different from any other organization with IT. We have consultants and vendors that come in from the outside that support the foundation and need access to our on-prem servers,”

– Dan Ward, IT Security Manager for Oldcastle.

Besides the necessity for improved security and vendor access processes, Oldcastle also sought a standardized platform to oversee 85 separate sites across the U.S. from a central location. Having different plants using various VPNs presented problems, especially when factoring in multiple vendors.


SecureLink’s standardized solution solved the management of IT contractors, consultants, vendors, and manufacturing support on a single platform.

Having vendors know usernames and passwords unilaterally across the network was a risk that Oldcastle had no way of monitoring. They needed a solution that would standardize, as well as centralize, the vendor management process. Ideally, the platform would solve multiple challenges: managing IT contractors and consultants and handling manufacturing support.

Without a central solution in place, network security would be at risk. In addition, Oldcastle lacked a process for controlling vendor access once they were inside the network.


Before implementation, they knew that other CRH organizations were using SecureLink with success. While many factors were considered when analyzing the return on investment of moving to a new system and weighing the benefits of SecureLink versus other solutions, the fact that other Oldcastle divisions were already on board with the SecureLink platform made the switch an easy sell.

“It was easy for us to take it back to our parent company and just say, ‘They’re using it, so we want to use it. We’ll be on a common platform,’” said Ward. “In fact, when I went to my CIO about implementing SecureLink, he saw it as an immediate win.”

Ward is optimistic about what he has seen so far: “Having, number one, that two-factor authentication for them to get there is fantastic. And then the video recording is just gravy.”

Oldcastle also has high hopes for better efficiency, greater security, and more consistency in remote access across the enterprise because of the implementation of SecureLink’s platform.


When it comes to justifying the cost of the platform, the SecureLink license has proven well worth the investment, according to Ward and his team.

When comparing Oldcastle’s previous remote access platform with SecureLink, Ward noted that “SecureLink is going to be a more centralized support solution.”  In addition to being hopeful about the platform’s robust features, Oldcastle has been more than satisfied with the overall journey of partnering with SecureLink, beginning with a hiccup-free implementation process and attentive customer service during each phase.

“The process has gone really smooth,” Ward said. “So far, it’s been a win-win.”

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