Sotera Wireless Optimizes Workflows

Sotera Wireless, Inc. is a San Diego, California, based medical device company dedicated to the development, marketing, and sales of a new generation of comprehensive vital signs monitoring. Sotera’s mission is to improve patient safety by empowering clinicians to detect signs of deterioration in virtually any care setting and enable early intervention and rapid response, all without limiting the patient’s freedom of movement.


Sotera believes in the power of wireless technology to collapse time and space in healthcare – smart application of wireless technology will enable healthcare providers to do things better, faster, and cheaper.

The Challenge

Sotera has always been dedicated to delivering responsive technology and exceptional support. This commitment demanded the ability to provide continuous monitoring of remote server health for customers to detect problems before they caused any downtime.

Data extraction for analysis and algorithm improvements is a critical task in maintaining high functioning systems. However, without the ability to automate connections and tasks, Sotera would have to manually connect to each customer site every time data extraction was necessary.

Creating site-to-site VPN tunnels would provide the automation Sotera needed. However, this activity wouldn’t be audited nor encrypted and the process is onerous. Unwilling to settle for an insecure method, Sotera discovered they could leverage SecureLink’s existing connection to provide continuous monitoring with elite security protocols.

The Solution

After choosing SecureLink as the standard method for connecting to and supporting their customers, Sotera was introduced to the SecureLink Automation Suite as a means of automating secure connections. This opened a new possibility to improve workflow and customer service by extracting data from their devices and systems in an automated fashion for analysis and algorithm improvements. Sotera’s science team was easily able to implement the SecureLink Automation Suite and use it for scheduled data extraction from customer sites.

Driven by the highly flexible nature of the SecureLink Automation Suite module, Sotera discovered anything was possible. Later, they expanded their use of the SecureLink Automation Suite when they purchased Nagios to implement continuous monitoring of their remote server deployments. With the flexibility of the SecureLink Automation Suite, they were able to configure Nagios to use the SecureLink Automation Suite connection APIs to pin up continuous tunnels without heavy infrastructure or firewall changes on the customer sites.

The SecureLink Automation Suite continues to help Sotera ensure their technology stays dynamic and healthy by providing an interface for automating and managing secure, auditable connections.

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