What is a Gatekeeper?

A Gatekeeper is a piece of software that sits on a server in your network. When enabled, the SecureLink Gatekeeper polls your vendor’s SecureLink server to see if there is a support rep requesting access. When a support rep needs access, an SSH tunnel is created from the Gatekeeper and all access is routed through […]

Can I manage more than one vendor using my SecureLink Gatekeeper?

The Gatekeeper is specific to a technology vendor. If your organization has multiple vendors accessing your network via Gatekeeper, you may want to look into getting your own SecureLink server. SecureLink’s Vendor Access module is designed to help enterprise customers manage all of their vendor access. Contact Us to learn more.

Can I add ports and services to the Gatekeeper?

You can add/remove services for your vendor and you can enable the Gatekeeper to allow the vendor to add services themselves. Select Vendor Privilege Settings from the Settings menu. To add an additional host, select Add New Host from the upper right. Click the green plus sign to add an additional port or service to […]

How can I change the Gatekeeper email notifications?

Access notification e-mail recipients can be added or deleted but cannot be modified. Select Notification Settings from the Settings menu. To delete an e-mail recipient, click on the delete button next to the desired e-mail address. To add e-mail recipients, click the green plus button and type the correct e-mail address.

I need to make changes, how do I get to the Gatekeeper User Interface?

There are two ways to get to the SecureLink user interface from the Gatekeeper server: On Windows, from your start menu, select All Programs -> SecureLink -> SecureLink Gatekeeper Alternately, you can open a browser and type You can also reach the Gatekeeper via a browser from any machine in the same network by […]

What level of access is granted to my vendor?

Support technicians can access only services you permit, which can be defined at a very granular (port) level. For example, you can restrict access to read-only on a particular directory. For more complex issues, the service engineer may request access to additional ports, like diagnostic services and databases, but you’re always in complete control of […]

What level of encryption do you use?

Users can choose between four encryption options to secure the communications between the SecureLink server and the system hosting the Gatekeeper AES (Rijndael block cipher, the current Advanced Encryption Standard) in 128, 192, and 256 bit modes, Blowfish, or Triple-DES.

Is there an audit trail?

A full audit trail is left behind with every connection. Additionally, an active report of all activity is generated, so you can monitor all vendor access in real time.