Vulnerable Network Checklist

How vulnerable is your network to a third-party data breach?

Protecting your network is about more than a mix of cybersecurity solutions– it’s about creating a culture of awareness. Hackers have always, and will continue, to look for an easy target. If you don’t regularly assess your security protocols and demand high standards of your privileged partners, you may find yourself making headlines for a very costly breach.

Take a 360-degree view of your vendor access management habits, systems, and tools before hackers set their sights on your network. It will probably be eye-opening to discover your potential exposure.

Download our interactive checklist to learn more about:

  • The most common ways hackers exploit third-party access.
  • If you have a vendor, contractor, or third-party that is low-hanging fruit.
  • The importance of clarity and transparency into your network activity.
  • How to maintain control and least privileges.

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