SecureLink vs. BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access

For the past 17 years, SecureLink for Enterprises has been the leader in providing secure privileged remote access for your third parties.

Third-party remote access requires a solution that is designed from the ground-up to securely identify, control, and audit your third parties while also efficiently and easily allow your third parties access to the systems they need.

BeyondTrust’s privileged remote access software, however, was not designed specifically for third-party access. While BeyondTrust now offers an enterprise remote support solution, users will find the vendor management functionality required for third-party access and unattended support can be limited in comparison.

Download this comparison document to learn more about key areas and differences, like:

  • What onboarding looks like after implementation
  • Pricing of SecureLink vs. BeyondTrust’s platform, any additional fees, and training
  • Credential management and how credentials are stored and masked

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