SecureLink vs. CyberArk Alero

Secure third-party remote access requires an adaptive and purpose-built solution that gives both enterprises and their vendors what they need for success.

CyberArk, primarily focused on remote access for internal employees, has recently released a new add-on, Alero, to provide access for vendors to the core CyberArk Privileged Access Security (PAS) solution. Since they have just started to address vendor remote access, users will find the vendor management functionality, identity management, and approval and routing workflows required for third-party access and support are limited.

SecureLink, on the other hand, was built 17 years ago specifically for the purpose of securing and managing vendor remote access and is focused exclusively on that to this day.

Download this comparison document to learn more about key areas and differences, like:

  • Ability to use as a standalone product
  • Integrating with your credential vault of choice
  • Automated vendor rep sync between vendors and customers

Access the Document

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