SecureLink’s Patient Privacy Monitoring vs. Imprivata’s FairWarning

SecureLink’s Patient Privacy Monitoring (PPM) tool is the only machine learning and artificial intelligence solution that has been peer-reviewed, published, and patented within the privacy monitoring space. It protects patient data by auditing electronic medical record (EMR) access and automatically identifying potential instances of inappropriate access.

PPM automatically audits all EMR access that provides clinical and operational context, including patient encounter data, and it utilizes machine learning to understand the reasons for why access occurs. With this AI-powered technology, PPM filters up to 99% of accesses as appropriate based on clinical context and eliminates nearly all false positives. It flags only those that are truly suspicious or unexplained, saving auditors time and increasing efficiency while achieving their HIPAA compliance and privacy goals.

Alternatively, Imprivata’s FairWarning solution is a rules-based audit system that depends on configured rules and policies to apply to the data and generate notifications when thresholds are met. This rules-based approach generates a high number of false positives – to a degree that Imprivata recommends paying for their managed professional services to help review all generated alerts. With a high number of false positives and a lack of clinical and operational context in the solution, FairWarning requires privacy and compliance professionals to spend more time reviewing access incidents, resulting in lost time and greater inefficiencies.

Download our comparison sheet to better understand what SecureLink’s PPM tool offers compared to FairWarning, including better user review capabilities, better implementation and integration, and more.

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