SecureLink Product Updates

SecureLink for Enterprises only:

New vendor rep approval option for application access
We have expanded the options for vendor rep approval access. We have created a new workflow that allows users with permission to approve vendor rep access requests based on the vendor’s department, rather than the individual application department. This means that it is now possible for users with permission, to approve for multiple applications, depending on the vendor’s department. This affords a broader approval scope, but still ensures granular control over application access.

SecureLink for Enterprises and SecureLink for Vendors:

Best practices checklist
New checks were added to the Best Practices Checklist. The checklist now checks for 2FA or MFA for internal users. This check is dependent on if the System Admin > Access Restriction settings, Email, Mobile, and/or Outside Network, are set to yes. If enabled, the Best Practices checklist will audit your internal user’s authentication methods.

API enhancements
Optional advanced SAML configurations have been added. This allows for deeper configuration options for SSO/SAML directly in the SecureLink UI, instead of having to reach out to the SecureLink Support Team to make these changes. Ensure you are familiar with these configurations and their effects as you could potentially disable proper SSO authentication if misconfigured. If you have any questions about these new configuration options and their effects please reach out to our Professional Services team.

Moving sub-departments
If your organization is utilizing the Departments feature, you will be delighted to know we have improved usability. System administrators can now easily move entire sub-departments, and any child departments associated with the sub-department, to a new parent department.

Patient Privacy Monitoring

Investigations Updates
Added the ability to search across all investigations with one single text box. The matched results will appear as a clickable dropdown arrow on the left of each row displaying what text the investigation matched on.

Cleaned up the investigations page to match HHS forms to give users the ability to efficiently work through investigations as required.

Access Intelligence

Onboarding video support
New users can choose to be optionally prompted with training videos within the tool to learn more about specific product features.

Exporting of rejections from within the tool
Access rights that are rejected can now be exported into a CSV file for further processing or review.

Audit-kickoff email feature
At the start of a review, an email can optionally be sent to the relevant users about the upcoming review.

For any questions, please reach out to

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