The SecureLink Best Practices Checklist

We know keeping track of the various SecureLink configurations and how they relate to compliance mandates can be time-consuming and stressful – that’s why we created the Best Practices Checklist. Originally released in version 19.4 of SecureLink, it was designed to make our SecureLink administrator’s lives easier by removing the guesswork over which features mean what in terms of compliance.

The Best Practices Checklist is organized by compliance category – CJIS, HIPAA, PCI, NERC, and SecureLink Recommendations. These categories are configurable, so you can check the categories you are interested in seeing. If your SecureLink instance is not meeting any of the criteria for these categories it will show up as red when viewing the checklist. Administrators can simply click the “fix” link next to the setting they are not meeting to address it. Additionally, you are given an overall “score” at the top so you can benchmark yourself over time.

Do you have multiple administrators that can change SecureLink settings? The Best Practices Checklist accounts for that by notifying administrators on the Administrator Notification List anytime a change is made that affects the scores – regardless of who made the change. Notifications occur both by email and appear in-product to ensure you are aware of any changes that lower your score.

Here’s the Best Practices Checklist itself with the columns, score, settings:


Here is an example of email notification and the in-product notification when the score has changed:



The Best Practices Checklist will continue to be iterated on and improved over time. Improvements are made based on both feedback from our existing customers as well as the evolving market requirements around compliance. To find the Back Practices Checklist in SecureLink, select the System Admin module, hover over Settings, and select “Best Practices Checklist.”

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