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FAQs for Technology Vendors

Chrome disabled my Java plug-in. Can I still connect using SecureLink?
My connect button is grayed out. How do I get access?
What do I do if I get Authentication Failed at login?
Why has my account been disabled?
I don’t have a SecureLink login. How do I access my customers network?
What should I do if I'm getting a ClassNotFoundException when trying to connect?
I am having trouble logging in. How do I log in?
The connect option on my application is grayed out. How do I get connected?
I am having issues getting connected using SecureLink. How do I connect?
I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and am still having issues getting connected. What next?

SecureLink Gatekeeper FAQs

What are the technical requirements for Gatekeeper?
Will I have to make any changes to my firewall configuration?
Does the Gatekeeper require a dedicated workstation or server?
Is a reboot required during installation?
How do I access my Gatekeeper?
Gatekeeper Admin: How do I enable access for my vendor?
Can I change Notification emails?
How do I store credentials?
What audit information is stored by the Gatekeeper?
Where can I learn more about more about my Gatekeeper installation?
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