Securing Your Supply Chain from Cyberattacks pt. 2

Part 2 – 5 Ways to Avoid Downtime

In reading through the first part of this eBook, it should be clear that the manufacturing sector and supply chains are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you can get it here: Securing Your Supply Chain from Cyberattacks – Part 1 – The Need for Cybersecurity.

In this, Part 2, you’ll learn how to mitigate downtime by preventing, containing, and repairing attacks:

    • Know your attack surfaces: While investments in new technologies, connected devices, and cloud services are absolutely necessary in order to meet increasing business goals and customer requirements, it is important to understand how they create vulnerabilities in the supply chain IT network.
    • Know your weaknesses: Before you can institute an industrial cybersecurity program that protects your processes, your assets, and your company from network security incursions, you need to know your network vulnerabilities.
    • Consolidate security practices: After understanding the weaknesses in your company systems and access, the next step is consolidating policies into a uniform practice.
    • Embrace compliance: One of the biggest hurdles to manufacturing uptime is meeting compliance regulations because there are no catch-all manufacturing industry compliance mandates around security. Rather, each specific manufacturing niche may have to comply with their own specific regulations.

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Enterprises that adopt a strong security stance reported that 83% of all security breaches resulted in either minor or no impact to business operations.

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