Securing Your Supply Chain from Cyberattacks pt. 3

Part 3 – Why Lead In Cybersecurity?

In reading through the first two parts of this eBook, you should have an understanding of how to mitigate downtime by preventing, containing and repairing attacks, and you should also understand why that’s increasingly important for the manufacturing sector and supply chains. If you haven’t read Parts 1 or 2 yet, you can get them here:

Securing Your Supply Chain from Cyberattacks – Part 1 – The Need for Cybersecurity
Securing Your Supply Chain from Cyberattacks – Part 2 – 5 Ways to Prevent Downtime

In the final section, Part 3, you’ll get the proof that shows that taking a proactive leadership stance on security helps deter attackers and mitigate the issues attacks can cause. The type of leaders in manufacturing who embrace a strong IT security stance can see marked improvement in five areas that affect downtime.

  • Lower the number of attacks
  • Defeat breaches before they happen
  • Detect cyber breaches faster
  • Fix cyber breach damage faster
  • Reduce cyber breach impacts

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Enterprises that adopt a strong security stance reported that 83% of all security breaches resulted in either minor or no impact to business operations.

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