SecureLink Gatekeeper

Understanding Your SecureLink Gatekeeper

What is SecureLink Gatekeeper?

The SecureLink Gatekeeper is a software component designed to be installed on a single Windows or Unix Server. Its purpose is to serve as a secure access point into one or more servers on your network by trusted third parties.

Your new Gatekeeper installation

Companies not currently using SecureLink Enterprise Access may find that a technology vendor, using SecureLink Customer Connect, has installed Gatekeeper software on their server. This Gatekeeper allows a fast and easy method of secure remote access and allows third-party technology vendors to better support their enterprise customers.

View our informational video to learn more about your new SecureLink Gatekeeper:

Unlock Gatekeeper’s full potential

Upgrading to SecureLink for Enterprise allows access to powerful Gatekeeper security benefits including:

  • Receive a notification whenever your vendor connects, as well as a full summary of activity when a connection ends.
  • Allow access anytime, set up manual access windows, or even configure an access window schedule in order to restrict, or enable, access.
  • Least privileged access allows you to restrict vendors’ access to only what is needed to provide support—and nothing else.
  • Record RDP activity using SecureLink’s High-Definition Audit feature for review, and to ensure adherence to regulatory compliance standards.
  • Store RDP credentials locally, in a secure credential vault so that vendors no longer need knowledge of login credentials.
  • Audit all vendor activity on the network. Monitor who connected when, and to what systems. Adjust granularity of the audit down to keystroke levels if necessary. No other remote-access solution is capable of producing more detailed audit logs.

Upgrade to SecureLink Enterprise

Know who is on your network and why. Request a quote if you are interested in learning more about SecureLink and controlling access for all of your vendors.

Find Out How Secure Third-Party Remote Access Can Be

  • 512 MB RAM
  • 200 MB Disk Space
  • Outbound Internet Connection (DSL 128 KB/s minimum)
  • Outbound firewall access on Ports 22, 80, and 443 to the SecureLink server. Note that port 80 is required even though the Gatekeeper also uses port 443.