Utility Cybersecurity Depends on Secure Third-Party Access

Security breaches are on the rise. How can utility companies prepare?

Breaches and cybersecurity incidents against utility companies are rising at an alarming rate. As entities that support critical infrastructure, utility companies are prime targets for cyberattacks because of their access to such important infrastructure. Many of these companies experience hacking attempts on a daily basis, often through phishing emails that try to trick users into opening them. Once inside the network, they can unleash a payload that enables attackers to take control of computers and steal information like essential power grid data.

Download our Guide that highlights the upcoming changes to the cybersecurity portions of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) rules that impact utilities and other covered companies across the U.S. while highlighting the importance of a dedicated vendor management program in order to be in compliance with the updates.

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