Comply with energy sector regulations without compromising IT support and security

Secure third-party remote access solutions for the energy industry

Energy producers and distributors are tasked with improving production efficiency, protecting critical infrastructure, and maintaining compliance. Leveraging new technology is critical in meeting these standards. However, as the energy IT infrastructure becomes more dependent on remote IT support, network security risks increase.

Technology vendors need to support their energy products. Remote access has allowed technicians to do this while maintaining high productivity and reducing costs. Remote access for energy sector IT support through traditional methods have left some systems vulnerable to compromise, which is unacceptable given the critical nature of the energy industry. SecureLink is designed to solve this problem.

SecureLink is used for energy sector IT support by large-scale organizations as it provides the necessary protection without hampering the ability to comply with government regulations, be transparent for auditing purposes, and be receptive to support and maintenance activities from necessary energy sector IT support technicians.

Why SecureLink for energy facilities

The goal of the SecureLink platform is to minimize workflow disruption while enabling secure third-party remote access. Our platform enables energy sector IT support professionals and the administrators within your network to:

  • Allow for access from many vendors without compromising network security
  • Effectively control access policies for any vendor requiring access
  • Ensure compliance with NERC/FERC regulations
  • Allow complete control over access for energy IT support technicians
  • Track and create reports for all activity during support sessions
  • Use SecureLink workflow expertise to optimize operations between departments and reduce costs through efficiency
  • Minimize disruption throughout implementation, even across large, multidimensional organization structures

Why SecureLink for energy technology providers

The SecureLink platform streamlines remote energy sector IT support and emphasizes network security at all times. Get the fast access you need to reduce time to resolution. Our platform:

  • Provides a standardized method of remote energy sector IT support across customers
  • Enables fast, secure access to all customer networks
  • Reduces time to resolution
  • Manages all network credentials for your customers so you are no longer responsible
  • Automates many tedious functions, streamlining workflow
  • Provides powerful auditing tools
  • Places emphasis on keeping you in compliance with NERC/FERC regulations

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.

Request a demo and we’ll show you how the SecureLink remote access platform connects customers and vendors.

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