Access Management for Critical Systems in Finance and Banking

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The State of Cybersecurity and Third-Party Remote Access Risk

The 2022 Ponemon Institute Report, sponsored by SecureLink.

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Access Case Study

The biggest cybersecurity threat for financial institutions is third parties with authorized access. Customer data, regulatory fines, and loss of business are all on the line.


of financial organizations have experienced a data breach caused by one of their third parties in the last 12 months.

Financial institutions continue to experience successful cyber attacks, despite investments in cybersecurity solutions. With threats from both third-parties and insiders, these institutions are fighting a war on two fronts, while trying to maintain complex regulatory standards, such as GDPR, CCPA, GLBA and SOX compliance — all designed to hold organizations accountable for protecting critical assets like customer’s nonpublic personal information (NPI) and financial data and systems. IT and security teams struggle to demonstrate compliance and efficiently secure the vulnerabilities associated with insider and third-party access with ill-equipped tools like desktop sharing solutions and VPNs.

Enterprise Access

For enterprises to control and secure third-party access to critical assets

Customer Connect

For service providers to securely provide operational support and services

Privacy Monitor

AI/ML powered access monitoring for data sensitive, open environments

Access Intelligence

Review and attestation of access rights to critical systems

Key cybersecurity priorities for financial organizations and banks:

Demonstrate compliance with regulatory cybersecurity requirements for third-party access and user access reviews

Secure networks, systems, and sensitive customer and financial data from internal and external cyber threats and attacks

Demonstrate commitment to the security of customers’ NPI and safeguard against the loss/theft of information

The Solution: Critical Access Management for Financial Organizations

SecureLink’s critical access management solutions enable financial organizations to secure access to critical assets like customer’s NPI (nonpublic personal information) and financial data and systems. IT and security teams can implement access controls to meet regulatory requirements such as SOX 404 and the GLBA Safeguards Rule, secure third-party access risks, ensure access rights are accurate and appropriate, as well as securely access financial customers’ systems for services and support while maintaining compliance. With SecureLink’s solutions for financial institutions, organizations can proactively defend against access-related security risks that can result in cyber attacks and noncompliance with ease and efficiency compared to formerly laborious and manual processes.

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