Streamline remote gaming IT support with a secure network connection

Secure third-party remote access solutions for the gaming industry

SecureLink is the gaming IT support platform of choice for some of the nation’s top gaming organizations. The reason for this is simple: Security is critical to the gaming industry and the enterprise/vendor relationship has emerged as a major component of network vulnerability.

While other tools can only provide a connection, SecureLink specializes in securing remote access to deliver rapid, reliable remote gambling IT support, ways to ensure compliance with relevant policies and standards, as well as documented logs for every support action taken.

Why SecureLink for casinos?

We focus our efforts on making sure that our platform benefits your overall workflow patterns, and your networks stay as secure as possible at all times. The SecureLink platform enables gaming IT support professionals to:

  • Accommodate vendors, even when the scope is expanding
  • Advanced authentication and authorization for support technicians – Reason for access, and who requested; Request license number; Help Desk ticket number; Description of work to be performed
  • Restrict access to an individual Gaming IT support technician level
  • Track and record all activity during support sessions – Telnet, SSH, and Oracle auditing; Record all RDP sessions
  • Expertise in isolated network best practices
  • Ensure compliance with Minimal Internal Control Standards (MICS) and Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) regulations

Why SecureLink for gaming technology providers?

The SecureLink platform streamlines remote gaming IT support for all your customers and provides a secure network connection. Get the fast access you need to solve problems right away.

  • SecureLink is the only product that works with both technology providers and casinos
  • Fast, secure access to customer networks and qualified gaming IT support
  • Reduce time to resolution
  • Our platform manages all network credentials for your customers so you are no longer responsible
  • Eliminate data breach liability with advanced security features and expansive audit capabilities
  • Automate necessary proprietary gaming IT support services/offerings, including performance checks, gathering log files, SQL queries
  • Enterprise customers will have access to comprehensive audit
  • Stay compliant with Minimal Internal Control Standards (MICS) and Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) regulations

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.

Request a demo and we’ll show you how the SecureLink remote access platform connects customers and vendors.

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