Are you struggling to secure and meet compliance with your casino’s third-party remote access?

The casino and gaming industry is one of the most complex and tightly regulated industries, and the requirements surrounding remote access to gaming systems are no exception. Casinos face multiple layers of governance and tight standards around remote access, including regulations required in the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), the minimum internal control standards enforced by the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), state regulations, and possible municipal and local tribal laws.

In addition to this heavily regulated landscape, casinos have complex and segmented networks, plus a large number of gaming systems and machines that require remote access for third-party vendors. While remote access by third parties is a necessity, it must be tightly controlled and monitored with detailed information and recordings of all access captured due to regulatory requirements. With common existing solutions such as VPNs or desktop sharing tools, capturing this level of detail becomes incredibly laborious and manual; in fact, many casinos use pen and paper or spreadsheets to track the information they need. Not surprisingly, casinos then struggle to meet these strict compliance requirements in their audits and face consequences such as financial fines and penalties and even regulatory actions like revoked operating licenses.

Casinos are also no strangers to the increasing number of cyberattacks experienced by businesses across the nation. The threat of a casino cyberattack is high and has correspondingly severe consequences, as evidenced by the Sands Casino cyberattack a few years ago – an attack that cost an estimated $40 million in damages. Third parties are most likely to be the source of these attacks on casinos, with 63 percent of all data breaches attributed to third parties.

Between regulatory consequences and the threat of cyberattacks, when it comes to third-party remote access, casinos cannot afford to be noncompliant, nor can they continue operating with the same manual, time-consuming, and vulnerable remote access tools. Today is the day to easily and confidently meet your NIGC and state’s gaming commission standards, as well as save valuable time on managing vendors, with an efficient and secure third-party remote access solution.

Gaming regulations are strict and complex. Help your organization stay compliant with our compliance hub.

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