Secure third-party remote access solutions for the government industry

New government IT support tools promote growth, but governing in the digital world presents many security challenges. Firstly, technology has changed the way we communicate and public officials are expected to keep up with an ever-increasing pace. Additionally, with the personal data of citizens being targeted by malicious agents, it is critical to resolve highly exploited vulnerabilities. Vendor relationships should be managed with care – 63% of data breaches involve a third-party component of IT system administration. For this reason, any remote government IT support or administration access from government technology providers must be heavily protected.

SecureLink is the standard for governments and public sector agencies across the country. We understand the demands of public officials and the need to seamlessly implement security protocols across organizational silos. While other tools can only provide a connection, SecureLink specializes in securing remote government IT support to deliver fast vendor access, complete session audits, and proof of compliance.

Why SecureLink for government agencies?

SecureLink’s number one priority is to make sure that managing remote access does not expose your network to further risk or become cumbersome.

Our software platform allows government IT support officials to:

  • Maintain control over an expanding network of vendors
  • Handle authorization and authentication procedures for new support positions
  • Make certain that key regulatory policy (such as the FBI CJIS Security Policy, FIPS, HIPAA/HITECH Act) are satisfied
  • Create custom access permissions to safeguard confidential information
  • Maintain logs of actions and correspondence while support is being given
  • Take advantage of SecureLink’s experience of coordinating cross-departmental projects to reduce business waste across the board
  • A fast, drama-free implementation process

SecureLink and CJIS

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.

Request a demo to see how SecureLink’s Vendor Privileged Access solution helps identify, audit, and control third parties.

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