Healthcare data breaches occur almost daily, and cyber attacks are coming in from all sides

Between ensuring the security and privacy of patient data that hackers want, monitoring access to patient medical records, and keeping tabs on third-party activity like telehealth services and medical technology providers, healthcare IT, information security, privacy, and compliance teams are at max capacity. Not only are they burdened with managing and monitoring access to critical data, but they’re also responsible for finding solutions to secure hospital networks that are being poked and prodded by bad actors while staying compliant and meeting HIPAA requirements.

Healthcare data is one of the highest value items on the black market, so it makes sense why hackers would want to obtain that data. It doesn’t help that security threats are everywhere, from an insider threat in the form of an employee trying to make some profit off private patient information, to an individual hacker, or a ransomware gang that found a gap in a third parties’ remote access connection. The privacy and security challenges healthcare facilities face are pervasive and need to be addressed with strong measures and controls.

Healthcare privacy and cybersecurity breaks down into a few key areas of importance:

  • Protecting private patient data from being compromised or stolen.
  • Monitoring access to protected health information (PHI) and electronic medical records (EMR).
  • Ensuring HIPAA, HITECH and HITRUST requirements are met.
  • Securing hospital networks, systems, and infrastructure from cyber threats.
  • Ensuring hospital staff have the resources and access to patient data when they need it.
  • Making sure healthcare facilities stay up and running with no disruptions in daily operations.

It is possible to successfully accomplish all of these tasks, but it might stretch healthcare IT, security, and compliance teams to their limit. Most of the time, the solutions to these challenges are time-consuming, manual processes that are prone to human error and take employees away from other critical responsibilities.

The Solution: Critical Access Management For Healthcare

Critical access management solutions for healthcare take the burden off healthcare IT, security, privacy, and compliance teams and automate the workflows that protect patient data, secure access, and ensure compliance. It enables these teams to address the big questions about critical access, like “What’s being accessed?”, “Who’s accessing?”, and “How’re they accessing?” in order to establish systems and processes that can best protect access to assets like EMR systems, internet-enabled devices, and hospital networks. These solutions — in addition to bringing much-needed efficiency and ease to laborious and manual processes — provide improved security to these critical assets.

From HiPPA to HITECH, learn more about compliance and how to help your organization succeed with our compliance hub.

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Best in KLAS 2022 Patient Privacy Monitoring

SecureLink ranked as the top Patient Privacy Monitoring vendor in the 2022 Best in KLAS: Software & Services Report for the second consecutive year.

Learn more about SecureLink’s Privacy Monitor solution.

How SecureLink helps healthcare enterprises and technology vendors ensure HIPAA compliance, keep patient data secure, and save time

SecureLink Privacy Monitor

Audit access to EMR systems with the SecureLink Privacy Monitor (PPM) solution. There are millions of accesses into electronic medical records (EMR) every day. SecureLink’s PPM tool automatically audits all EMR access, and it utilizes machine learning to understand the reasons for why access occurs based on the captured clinical and operational data in the patient’s record. With this AI-powered technology, PPM filters up to 99% of accesses as appropriate based on clinical context and eliminates nearly all false positives. It flags only those that are truly suspicious or unexplained, saving auditors time in their investigations and increasing efficiency while achieving their HIPAA compliance and privacy goals.

Download the EMR Access Checklist

SecureLink Enterprise Access

Third parties are responsible for 44% of healthcare data breaches in the last year alone. SecureLink Enterprise Access is a third-party remote access platform that provides secure remote access to third-party vendors and contractors. Third parties are one of the biggest threats to the healthcare sector; healthcare facilities are also simultaneously dependent on them. The SecureLink Enterprise Access solution provides secure access through a Zero Trust approach, verifying each user’s identity with multiple authentication methods and ensuring they have only the minimum access needed, reducing the risk of a breach.

Download the HIPAA Compliance checklist

SecureLink Access Intelligence

SecureLink’s Access Intelligence verifies users have the appropriate access rights with efficiency and ease. Access Intelligence is a simple, yet effective, solution to streamline the process of reviewing user access rights to critical systems in your healthcare organization. It’s flexible and quick to deploy, with an efficient and accurate review process that helps you meet HIPAA and HITRUST requirements, enforce role-based access control, and reduce the security risks of over-provisioned access rights.

Download the Access Review checklist

SecureLink Customer Connect

If you’re a third party that supports a healthcare organization, SecureLink can help you provide the security hospitals are looking for. SecureLink Customer Connect gives healthcare vendors a streamlined method for secure remote access into their healthcare customers’ networks. You can give your customers peace of mind by providing them with the detailed level of control and visibility over access they’re looking for.

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Learn how to implement an access review process for EMR and streamline auditing EMR access to ensure that data is being accessed by the right people.

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