Critical Access Management for Healthcare


HITECH Compliance

Download our interactive HITECH compliance checklist overview and use the overview to determine if your current network setup is in compliance with HITECH requirements.

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HITRUST Compliance

Download this interactive HITRUST compliance checklist to determine if your review process meets HITRUST standards.

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Healthcare data breaches occur almost daily, with threats from internal and external parties impacting the ability to deliver quality patient care.


Million Per Breach

The healthcare industry has the highest industry average cost of a data breach at $9.23 million per breach.

Healthcare organizations have a duty to provide quality care and protect patient data to maintain HIPAA compliance. Keeping patient data continuously protected ranges from securing data from external hacking attacks, monitoring internal access to medical records, and limiting the scope of approved third-party activity. The burden of keeping a watchful eye on all points of access, performing compliance checks, and ensuring nothing negatively impacts patient care can feel almost impossible to manage.

SecureLink's solutions for healthcare enables organizations to govern, control and montor employee and third-party access to critical systems and data and meet their HIPAA compliance requirements.

Enterprise Access

For enterprises to control and secure third-party access to critical assets

Customer Connect

For service providers to securely provide operational support and services

Privacy Monitor

AI/ML powered access monitoring for data sensitive, open environments

Access Intelligence

Review and attestation of access rights to critical systems

Healthcare privacy and cybersecurity key areas of importance:

Protecting private patient data from being compromised or stolen.

Monitoring access to protected health information (PHI) and electronic medical records (EMR).

Ensuring HIPAA, HITECH and HITRUST requirements are met.

Securing hospital networks, systems and infrastructure from cyber threats.

Ensuring hospital staff have the resources and access to patient data when they need it to provide quality patient care.

Making sure healthcare facilities stay up and running with no disruptions in daily operations.

Addressing all of these areas can stretch healthcare teams to their limit with inefficient manual processes that are prone to error, rarely work to protect data, and fail to be truly compliant increasing the risk of data loss.

The Solution: Critical Access Management for Healthcare

Our critical access management solutions take the burden off healthcare IT, security, privacy, and compliance teams by accurately automating workflows, creating compliant control of critical assets, and providing full visibility into every access attempt. With systems in place to govern, control and monitor access to assets like EMR systems, internet-enabled devices, and hospital networks, organizations can ensure that patient data is always protected and quality patient care remains the priority.

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