Secure Remote Access for Law Firms

Research Report

A Crisis in Third-Party Remote Access Security

Over half of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by third parties.

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The Three Pillars of Critical Access Management

Understanding and implementing best practices and solutions of critical access management is the best way to protect your organization.

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Third parties and vendors are the Legal industry’s biggest cybersecurity risk.


of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by a third party.

Given the valuable nature of law firm data - including confidential and sensitive client information - it’s no wonder that data breaches and cyberattacks on law firms are a major risk. Law firm clients are concerned about the privacy and security of their information. To retain and win future business, law firms must demonstrate their commitment to securing their clients’ information, particularly from external, third-party risks. A third of law firms experienced a security incident in 2020, and third parties were the leading cause of those breaches. Securing law firm data and networks from unauthorized access and cyberattacks proves easier said than done for IT and security teams.

Enterprise Access

For enterprises to control and secure third-party access to critical assets

Customer Connect

For service providers to securely provide operational support and services

Privacy Monitor

AI/ML powered access monitoring for data sensitive, open environments

Access Intelligence

Review and attestation of access rights to critical systems

Legal’s key cybersecurity priorities:

Protect confidential client data from a breach or theft

Demonstrate commitment to clients’ privacy with security best practices

Meet data privacy and other regulatory requirements

The Solution: Critical Access Management for Legal

SecureLink’s critical access management solutions enable legal organizations to meet their internal, client, and regulatory security requirements while demonstrating their commitment to client privacy and data security. IT and security teams can fully secure third-party remote access to sensitive systems and client information, verify user access rights are accurate and appropriate, and securely access customer or partner systems remotely for services and support. With SecureLink’s solutions for legal businesses, organizations can proactively defend against access-related security risks that can result in attacks and data breaches.

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