Secure third-party remote access solutions for the manufacturing industry

Manufacturers are setting the pace for technology adoption and progressive digital interactions. Today’s consumers demand speed, convenience, and security. As new technology transforms the manufacturing experience, greater visibility is needed to understand who has access to your sensitive data. SecureLink’s platform is designed to make third-party remote access a safe, secure, and efficient process.

SecureLink sets the standard for secure remote access to deliver rapid and secure vendor support, tracking of every system session, and proof of compliance.

Why SecureLink for manufacturing?

Manufacturing IT support through SecureLink is designed around maintaining the integrity of the system and impacting workflow as minimally as possible. Our platform gives manufacturing IT support providers and system administrators the ability to:

  • Manage network access, regardless of the scope of the userbase
  • Ensure that only approved IT support vendors access the system
  • Mitigate types of compromises typically caused by systems with shared access
  • Ensure that access levels are tied to the task scope of individual users
  • Record and review any activity while manufacturing IT support services are being rendered
  • Efficient installation and implementation, even across large-scale enterprises
  • Monitor compliance with major manufacturing services

Why SecureLink for manufacturing technology providers?

The SecureLink platform streamlines remote access for all your customers and provides a secure network connection. Get the fast access you need to solve problems right away. Our platform:

  • Provides a simple, efficient way to provide remote manufacturing IT support to a set of customers with varying requirements
  • Network access is stable and reliable
  • The system is designed to provide a resolution in the shortest possible timeframe
  • Credentials are handled by an automated system, reducing the “human error” factor
  • Eliminate security breach liability with advanced security features and expansive audit capabilities
  • Ability to automate proprietary services/offerings, including performance checks, gathering log files, SQL queries
  • Offer clients comprehensive auditing
  • Stay compliant with necessary regulations

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.

Request a demo to see how SecureLink’s Vendor Privileged Access solution helps identify, audit, and control third parties.

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