Critical Access Management for Manufacturing


Manufacturing Ultimate Guide to Third-Party Remote Access

Secure remote access is essential to reducing downtime in manufacturing.

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Is Your Smart Factory Protect From Cyberthreats?

New technology means new cyberthreats. Protect infrastrucutre and keep your manufacturing organization secure.

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Digital transformation and the advancement of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) leaves manufacturers increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks.


of manufacturers suffered a third-party related breach in the past year.

Most manufacturing entities are digitizing and joining the industrial revolution 4.0, whether they want to or not. What was previously analog and on-site has become digital, cloud-based, and remote. These kinds of innovations, partially brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, are allowing place-based warehouses and factories to become global networks of automated systems.

However, as this aspect of the manufacturing industry hurdles toward the future, cybersecurity is being left behind – creating major vulnerabilities. Cyberattacks in the industry are skyrocketing, and the solution is more complicated than strengthening a single component. Organizations must act proactively to reduce downtime, exposure, and cost in the event of an attack.

Enterprise Access

For enterprises to control and secure third-party access to critical assets

Customer Connect

For service providers to securely provide operational support and services

Privacy Monitor

AI/ML powered access monitoring for data sensitive, open environments

Access Intelligence

Review and attestation of access rights to critical systems

Manufacturing cybersecurity key areas of importance:

Protecting critical data from being compromised or stolen.

Ensuring third parties have secure and controlled access to PLC’s and industrial control systems.

Protecting the public from threats to systems that involve critical infrastructure.

Achieving compliance with security standards and federal regulations.

Securing industrial networks, systems and infrastructure from cyber threats.

Protecting the integrity of the supply chain by maintaining daily operations and reducing system downtime schedule.

Legacy security solutions commonly used in manufacturing environments are not equipped to deal with the nuances of a newly digitized organization. Addressing these objectives can be difficult for organizations without the proper purpose-built solutions that effectively protect against an attack and ensure preparedness in the event of a threat.

The Solution: Critical Access Management for Manufacturing

SecureLink’s critical access management solutions enable manufacturing organizations to address cyberthreats and meet local, state and federal regulations with ease. IT and security teams can fully secure third-party remote access to industrial control systems and IIoT devices, verify user access rights are accurate and appropriate, and securely access customers’ industrial systems for services and support while maintaining compliance. With SecureLink’s solutions for manufacturers, organizations can proactively defend against access-related security risks that can result in cyber attacks and downtime, and demonstrate compliance with required access controls.

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