19% of shoppers say they would abandon a retailer that’s been hacked.

Now more than ever, retail businesses need to protect and secure their critical assets – assets like sensitive cardholder data and customer information. Not only are industry regulations like PCI DSS, CCPA, and GDPR requiring that data and customer information be protected, but cyber criminals are targeting retailers heavily for this valuable data.

However, there’s no shortage of challenges for retail businesses when it comes to securing critical assets. Employee turnover is notoriously high, especially in the retail industry. Numerous third parties are involved with supporting retail businesses, from IoT devices to PoS terminals to the HVAC units. These two personnel factors introduce risk and vulnerability to critical access that could result in disastrous consequences, if not addressed.

Because employee turnover is so high, it’s difficult to track which employee has access to what systems or data and if they are qualified to have access, especially if it’s critical access. What if a rogue employee was able to access customer credit card information and committed identity theft? And any third-party access is going to open up a gap in security due to the nature of the access — an external party accessing internal systems. Remember the Target hack of 2013? That was an HVAC vendor who was granted network access and compromised the personal and financial information of millions of Target shoppers.

Cyber attacks directly impact consumer perception, and for retail businesses, the stakes are high: customer loyalty and brand reputation are on the line, should a retailer fail to secure these critical assets and identities.


The Solution: Critical Access Management For Retail

Critical access management solutions enable retail IT and compliance teams to protect customer data and information and meet PCI DSS compliance. It gives retailers the tools to ensure that the right people have appropriate access to critical systems, like PoS and IoT devices, and it secures remote access from the riskiest sources — third parties and vendors. These solutions safeguard customer confidence by protecting brand reputation and minimizing the risk of the loss of consumers through a cyber attack. With over half of consumers saying they would choose to purchase from a competitor with better security, and the possible monetary consequences of PCI non-compliance, implementing critical access management solutions to enhance retail cybersecurity has never been more – dare we say it – critical.

Are you PCI compliant?

PCI DSS Compliance Checklist

The retail industry must be in compliance with privacy regulations and implement PCI controls when handling sensitive customer data and payment card transactions. Use this interactive checklist to determine if you have PCI-compliant remote access in place at your organization.

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How SecureLink helps retail businesses and their technology vendors ensure PCI DSS compliance, keep critical cardholder data and information secure, and increase efficiencies

SecureLink Enterprise Access

SecureLink Enterprise Access is a remote access tool built for retail businesses that provides zero trust network access (ZTNA), third-party identity management, and access monitoring to securely connect third parties (like PoS and HVAC techs) into an organization’s network.

To learn more, download the Secure Connection Checklist.

Download the Checklist

SecureLink Access Intelligence

SecureLink Access Intelligence is a tool built to streamline the process of reviewing user access rights to critical systems and information in the retail ecosystem — an essential practice to minimize the risk that comes from employee turnover and changing access rights.

To learn more, download the User Access Checklist.

Download the Checklist


SecureLink Customer Connect

SecureLink Customer Connect provides a secure connection for third-party vendors to remotely access their customer’s networks. Third parties can increase productivity, improve time-to-resolution, and provide streamlined support for all customers through a single platform.

To learn more, download the Remote Support Checklist.

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