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SecureLink Introduces New Features to Simplify Management of Vendor Privileged Access

AUSTIN, TexasNov. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SecureLink, the leader in vendor privileged access management (VPAM), released a new version of its software platform that adds mobile authentication capabilities and simplifies critical administrative tasks to meet compliance requirements.

“The SecureLink platform is evolving to offer administrators greater control to meet specific compliance requirements,” said Rob Palermo, vice president of product management for SecureLink. “With this release, our customers will have greater visibility into the security of their server configurations, along with system customization capabilities that include mobile authentication from off-the-shelf suppliers.”

SecureLink’s platform enhancements include the following new features:

Mobile Authenticator Capabilities: Customers can now add multi-factor authentication for mobile devices via their choice of third-party applications, including Google Authenticator® and Authy®, among others. This added layer of protection is managed inside the SecureLink UI and can be used in addition to SecureLink’s email-based employment verification key. Administrators can select from several authentication methods to meet specific compliance requirements or to enforce higher levels of security.

Best Practices Checklist: The checklist provides customers enhanced visibility into the security status of their SecureLink server configuration by giving them a comprehensive and on-demand checklist in the user interface. Administrators can see an overall numerical score that indicates if they are following best practices for server configuration; if not, they can immediately see where failures exist and are provided links to address any issue. There is also a new checklist to validate if the server configuration satisfies  PCI, NERC, HIPAA and CJIS compliance criteria.

Software Development Toolkit (SDK):  The SDK allows for automation of a variety of common administrative functions that would otherwise be performed manually such as creating, reading, updating, and deleting SecureLink users, applications and vendors.

SecureLink’s Vendor Privileged Access Management platform protects companies from the risk of third-party data breaches by isolating access to only the system components required, recording every interaction, and providing the reporting necessary for meeting compliance requirements.

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About SecureLink
SecureLink is the leader in providing vendor privileged access management and remote support for both highly regulated enterprise organizations and technology vendors. SecureLink serves more than 30,000 organizations worldwide. World-class companies across industries including healthcare, financial services, legal, gaming, and retail rely on SecureLink’s secure, purpose-built platform. SecureLink is headquartered in Austin, Texas.