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SecureLink Launches Authenticator Mobile App for Multi-Factor Authentication

SecureLink Launches Authenticator Mobile App for Multi-Factor Authentication

March 28, 2018 – AUSTIN, Texas – SecureLink, the leader in secure third-party remote access and support, today announced the availability of its SecureLink Authenticator App for multi-factor authentication when accessing the SecureLink platform. Native integration improves overall security and allows greater flexibility and ease-of-use for administrators to quickly register devices and enable two-factor authentication on new and existing accounts in the SecureLink platform. The app is available for download on any Android and iOS device, including tablets and smartphones.

“We’re excited about the launch of this new Authenticator App,” said Rob Palermo, vice president of product for SecureLink. “Doing what we can to help our customers quickly and easily manage users in the most secure fashion possible is a main priority for us. By building our own authenticator app, rather than using Duo or Google Authenticator, we are able to ensure native integration with our SecureLink platform and reduce the number of different applications and platforms our customers need to use to create a dynamic, secure ecosystem for third-party remote access.”

Key Features of the SecureLink Authenticator App include:  

  • Two-Factor/Multi-Factor Authentication: SecureLink administrators can quickly and easily require users to register their mobile device before logging in to the SecureLink platform. During login, users enter a password as they normally would. However, once registered, users will need to confirm their identity by providing a six-digit, one-time passcode supplied by the Authenticator App before accessing the SecureLink platform.
  • Native SecureLink Platform Integration: The SecureLink Authenticator App is designed to work specifically and exclusively with the SecureLink platform, giving administrators the tools necessary to manage users and user access from one simple, easy-to-use interface. Administrators have the capability to enable and disable users quickly and easily in the event of lost devices, password resets and revocation of user privileges.
  • Available on Android and iOS: Available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on any tablet or smartphone running iOS and Android.
  • Works with or without network or cell connection: Once a device has been registered and the app downloaded, the app will continue to generate six-digit passcodes regardless of connection to a network.

“Third-party remote access is the biggest threat to an enterprise’s network,” added Palermo. “We will continue to innovate around products and services that mitigate that risk. The SecureLink Authenticator App continues to reinforce our commitment to the best possible security platform while removing the complexities of managing multiple vendors and customers.”

For more information about the SecureLink Authenticator App, visit: Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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