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SecureLink Sees 37 Percent Growth in Annual Recurring Revenue

April 26, 2018 – AUSTIN, Texas – SecureLink, the leader in secure third-party remote access and support, grew its annual recurring revenue by 37 percent year over year. The company added new customers across multiple highly regulated industries, including healthcare, casinos and gaming, legal and government.

“With all the data breaches we’ve seen so far in 2018, many of them have been the result of bad actors accessing third-party credentials to hack an organization,” said Jeff Swearingen, CEO of SecureLink. “Organizations in highly regulated industries are particularly vulnerable and recognize the need for a solution like SecureLink that is designed to do one thing – manage third-party remote access. We’re excited to welcome these new customers and look forward to partnering with them to create a true win-win situation for them and the vendors that support them.”

SecureLink’s third-party remote access platform is designed for both enterprise organizations and technology vendors supporting enterprise organizations. The platform helps ensure enterprises are compliant with industry regulations, can quickly and easily manage vendor network access, and can streamline processes by implementing a secure, single-solution platform for third-party remote access. For technology vendors, the SecureLink platform helps ensure compliance with customer requirements and reduce liability.

“Data breaches and third-party hacks are going to continue to be a problem in 2018 and beyond,” added Swearingen. “Organizations that recognize this need and make an investment in technology and process to properly manage third-party access will be in a better position to reduce risk and protect their valuable data going forward.”

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SecureLink is the leader in managing secure third-party remote access and remote support for both highly regulated enterprise organizations and technology vendors. SecureLink serves more than 30,000 organizations worldwide. World-class companies across multiple industries including healthcare, financial services, legal, gaming and retail rely on SecureLink’s secure, purpose-built platform. SecureLink is headquartered in Austin with offices in San Jose, Costa Rica. To learn more, visit

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