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SecureLink Sees 42 Percent Growth Year Over Year, 10 Percent Growth Over First Quarter 2018

AUSTIN, TexasJuly 26, 2018  – SecureLink, the leader in secure third-party remote access and support, grew its year over year recurring revenue by 42 percent, and 10 percent over the first quarter 2018. The company added customers across all highly regulated industries, with the largest industry growth in healthcare, followed by energy, government, and finance.

“Compliance with industry regulations, and ensuring third party vendors and business associates are adhering to regulatory guidelines are a constant concern for enterprises,” said Joe Devine, President and COO, of SecureLink. “Many of the data breaches and attacks we’ve seen in 2018 were the result of a third-party error, or security weakness — because SecureLink is designed from the ground up to address third-party remote access, it’s no surprise to see companies turning to us for help in alleviating their compliance worries.”

SecureLink’s third-party remote access platform is designed for both enterprise organizations and technology vendors supporting enterprise organizations. The platform helps ensure enterprises are compliant with industry regulations, can quickly and easily manage vendor network access, and can streamline processes by implementing a secure, single-solution platform for third-party remote access. For technology vendors, the SecureLink platform allows a fast and reliable way to provide support while ensuring compliance with enterprise customers’ increasingly demanding security requirements.

“In the month of July alone the security risks of unchecked third-party remote access have grabbed headlines in places like the New York Times and Forbes,” said Devine. “This demonstrates that if enterprises care about remaining compliant, protecting their proprietary information, and safeguarding their reputations, then they must seek out ways to properly manage their third-party remote access and support solutions.”

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SecureLink is the leader in managing secure third-party remote access and remote support for both highly regulated enterprise organizations and technology vendors. SecureLink serves more than 30,000 organizations worldwide. World-class companies across multiple industries including healthcare, financial services, legal, gaming and retail rely on SecureLink’s secure, purpose-built platform. SecureLink is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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