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SecureLink Sustains Growth Trajectory Through Q2 2019

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SecureLink, the leader in vendor privileged access management, grew its annual revenue over 45 percent year-over-year in Q2 2019. Growth came primarily from vertical industries operating in strict regulatory environments, including healthcare, state and local government, and retail.

“We continue to see strong demand for our platform from organizations seeking to close a significant gap in their IT security,” said Joe Devine, CEO of SecureLink. “To avoid being the next victim of a data breach caused by a third party, CIOs and CISOs understand they need a solution that will enable them to control and secure their vendors’ network access.”

In the second quarter of 2019, SecureLink saw increased interest from organizations requiring quick deployments. “Many companies, especially those dealing with a compliance issue or a data breach, don’t have the luxury of waiting nine or 12 months for a custom solution to address IT vendor access,” Devine continued. “We can deliver an enterprise solution in less than two months on average, and even weeks in certain instances.”

SecureLink now integrates with the leading Privileged Access Management (PAM) providers. With a majority of external cyberattacks coming from weak or stolen credentials, organizations that rely on PAM solutions to control network access for employees can add the same level of protection for vendors with SecureLink’s version of PAM—called VPAM—and benefit from advanced centralized credential management capabilities across platforms.

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About SecureLink
SecureLink is the leader in managing vendor privileged access and remote support for both highly regulated enterprise organizations and technology vendors. SecureLink serves more than 30,000 organizations worldwide. World-class companies across multiple industries including healthcare, financial services, legal, gaming, and retail rely on SecureLink’s secure, purpose-built platform. SecureLink is headquartered in Austin, Texas.